Reports Point Out that Pokemon Go’s Revenue Goes Up by 35 Percent of its Previous Times

Pokemon Go

The popular game, Pokemon Go was released in 2016 but Niantic’s mobile took a long-running series which was more popular in 2018 than it was in 2017. This was decided after considering the revenue of the game. The research firm Sensor Tower stated that Pokemon Go’s revenue has hit a whopping $795 million (which is approximately Rs. 5,600 crores) in 2018 in sharp contrast to 2017. This clearly indicated that the game made a good 35 percent higher revenue in 2018 in comparison to its 2017 revenue. In December 2018 alone, players spending on App Store and Google Play store to purchase games and app exceeded $75 million (around Rs. 530 crores). On the other hand, in the month of December in 2017, the company made a revenue of nearly $57.2 million (close to Rs. 400 crores). Pokemon Go made an average of about $2.2 million (nearly Rs. 14 crores) every day in 2018 in comparison to its $1.6 million (around Rs. 112 crores) in 2017.

One of the posts from Sensor Tower’s Randy Nelson reads– “Players in the United States spent most of their money on Pokemon Go last year, which gave us $262 million translating to 33 percent of all gross revenue. This is the same percentage to which the US players contributed in the year 2017 as well. Japanese players, in contrast, spent about $239 million, that translated to 30 percent of the game’s revenue in 2018, whereas in 2017, the same Japanese players contributed to 25 percent.

Nelson also speculated that if Niantic continues to pursue the same cadence of updates and content-addition to the game, it might end up earning way more, and might even surpass the $3 billion lifetime revenue in 2019.

In the previous times, Sensor Tower had also claimed that Pokemon Go’s September 2018 revenue figure, which was $84.8 million (about Rs. 627.3 crores) would be ahead of its competitors like Candy Crush Saga, which grossed $76 million (about Rs. 562.28 crores).

In the month of June, SuperData, the research firm stated that Pokemon Go welcomed a revenue of $104 million and its player base was at an all-time peak, during its launch in 2016. The reports don’t give a clear picture of the revenue, since the developer Niantic and its platform owners Apple and Google don’t share their revenue figures.