Raw Beetroot Sugar Market Is Valued At US$ 6 Billion In 2023

Raw Beetroot Sugar Market

The Raw Beetroot Sugar Market worldwide raw beetroot sugar industry is worth $6 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow to $11 billion by 2033. From 2023 to 2033, global consumption of raw beetroot sugar is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2%.

The growing popularity of fruit-based or flavored beverages, as well as energy drinks, is boosting the usage of brown sugar. Brown sugar is frequently referred to as soft sugar due to the natural hygroscopic characteristic imparted by the presence of molasses.

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A sugar beet is a plant having a lot of sucrose in its roots. Sugar beetroot cultivation is done commercially to generate sugar, which is taken from the root. Raw beetroot sugar is a natural sweetener derived from beets. Demand for goods such as sugar beet juice extracts is expected to rise as a consequence of increased health and hygiene awareness, as well as consumer demand for organic sugar.

Raw beetroot sugar has a sweet and earthy flavor and is an excellent replacement for normal white sugar. Beetroot sugar is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative to white sugar since it has more vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber than white sugar.

Competitive Landscape:

Leading companies are engaged in R&D activities to introduce new products to meet evolving customer demand trends. They are focusing on quality control, collaborations, supply chain management, new developments, and product standards to make a mark in the industry.

Top raw beetroot sugar manufacturers prefer using biotechnologically enhanced procedures for producing premium-quality beets while following safety regulations to reduce the environmental impact. This is expected to drive the raw beetroot sugar market over the coming years.

For instance,

NutriScience Innovation LLC provides a range of uses for beetroot sugar extract in medicines, chemicals, and energy beverages.

Key Players:

  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Südzucker AG
  • Nordzucker
  • Tereos
  • American Crystal Sugar Company
  • Amalgamated Sugar
  • Rana Sugar Ltd.
  • Nordic Sugar A/S
  • Michigan Sugar Company
  • Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing
  • Agrana Zucker
  • British Sugar Plc

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Regional Analysis:

 The rising food and beverage sector in the United States is expected to drive significant growth in the market. The increasing use of sugar beetroot pectin as an emulsifier may impact market growth. Rapid innovation in harvesting technology is increasing the country’s market worth.

The large production of sugar beets with premium and high-yield seeds is attributable to market expansion in Germany. The increased use of alcoholic beverages is increasing demand for natural flavorings and sweeteners and promoting industry development. Major firms’ increased R&D efforts, as well as expanding convenience food consumption, are driving market revenue.

Because of increased urbanization and the increasing use of sugar beetroot pectin in bread items, the market in Japan is likely to grow in the future years. Market development is being aided by a growing population and evolving customer preferences toward organic products. The market value is expected to rise as distribution channels develop and demand for biofuel and ethanol-blend fossil fuels rises.

Brown sugar is made from raw cane sugar or beetroot sugar. Consumer awareness of the benefits of brown sugar consumption is likely to drive market expansion during the forecast period. Brown sugar improves blood circulation while also encouraging platelet development.

Brown sugar has more chemicals than white sugar, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Brown sugar is used to sweeten a variety of prepared foods and beverages, as well as sauces and marinades.

Key Segments of Industry:

  • By Product Type :
    • Brown (Dark) Sugar
    • Organic Sugar
  • By End User :
    • Food Processors
    • Livestock Feed
    • Retailers
    • Industrial Uses

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