Quinton Aaron stars in New Action Film: Born 2 Hustle

Quinton Aaron

Born 2 Hustle is an upcoming action film from Eyedeal Image Productions in association with One Shot Films.

Quinton Aaron famously known as “America’s Teddy Bear” was and still is adored by his fans from his well-known film “The Blindside” starring himself and Sandra Bullock. Since then, Aaron has been known as and been cast as the sweet, lovable guy next door and everyone’s best friend.

His new action film brings out a whole new acting dynamic for Quinton Aaron however, as he stars in and takes on a role, unlike anything we’ve ever seen him in before. This is why it’s so exciting. The film Born 2 Hustle cast Quinton Aaron playing against his ‘type’ as a break-out character in the antagonistic role of Mr. Brown. The film which is part 1 in a Trilogy, is thrilled that Quinton Aaron said ‘yes’ to the starring role and decided to show the industry how much more he can do with his craft. This role is a game-changer.

Along with this film being an opportunity to show his chops in a differentiated way through this action film, it is already leading to further conversations about him possibly being the leading man in another upcoming film from Eyedeal Image Productions. Quinton Aaron is always a pleasure to see on screen and this time shall be no exception. Quinton Aaron will dominate the role of Mr. Brown in this highly anticipated film.