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Puerto Rican Singer-Songwriter releases what could be the ultimate anthem song and video for our times

Ignacio Peña announced the release of his latest song “Something Was Bound to Happen”. This is considered one of the fastest responses from within the music world, the new COVID-19 reality the world is living through right now.

Shortly after winning a third Emmy for his first long form documentary “La Historia de Anormal”, which was a documentary about the creation and recording of his second album Anormal, Ignacio Peña is about to ruffle feathers and draw significant attention. This is because he has a message in his music that relates to the world we’re living in – and the deeper questions not many people can answer.

“Something Was Bound to Happen” is the 8th single from his upcoming album “Songs for the Fall of an Empire” which is a concept album about the history of debt. Empire is due in fall 2020.
“Something Was Bound to Happen” particularly tells the history of financial deregulation which began in the United States in 1979 and which some important economists blame for the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

The message Peña has for fans and friends: “I think it is crucial to interpret effectively what is going on right now, to understand the limits that Glass-Steagall imposed on the financial sector and how it was a part of a series of rules whose repeal in 1999 some think are responsible for the economic situation we are in and our lack of preparedness for a pandemic like covid-19.”

For anyone not yet aware of the artist: Ignacio Peña, born 21st April 1973, is a Puerto Rican Rockstar. He is multi-talented, among other instruments, playing guitar and piano, as well as vocal performance. He is a video director and editor and multi-media creator, hence what sets him apart from most artists, is his deep involvement in the entire creation of a conceptual show, where he has written the music, written and directed the visual elements himself – and off course, amazing live performances. Whereas Peña became famous in the Latin markets of Argentinean, Venezuelan and Panamanian festivals, he is now well-loved in the US and globally: it is fair to assert that his career has gone truly global. Mixing songs in Puerto Rico, with recording events in Miami and festivals happening globally is nothing strange to Peña who travels vast distances to enchant his fans in person.


As a true social activist, he succeeded in grouping a rare breed of music together, in what he calls “Songs for the fall of an Empire”. Here, he produced a video containing footage of the Iraq war, as well as the 2008 economic crash. Evidently, he is already well-known for taking major life events that affects the world as a whole and conceptualizing it through the eys and ears of an artist. This began when with 9/11 when Peña used “Phono/Gráphico” to compile and edit the visuals that provided a rare glimpse of the post 9/11 world which we live in today. It is therefore no surprize that given his previous successes at connecting with fans at such an emotional level, he again connects with them during this time of incredible hardship and challenges people face during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s aftermath. At one stage he shifted his attention to “The Great Planet Earth Debate”, yet the social activist in him, just could not resist the huge potential in connecting with the hearts and minds of fans during the current pandemic.


Music that truly connects with fans on the basis of real-life events, not necessarily inspired by any mainstream consensus, can be hard to find these days. What Peña produces, is more than music: it is music and art with a deep message.

To access the digital track of “Something Was Bound To Happen” on bandcamp:


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