Preventing Veteran Suicide: How Trump and Christian Organizations are tackling the Issue

  • Veteran suicide is a real problem in our society. The good news is that no longer will the matter be ignored: Christian counselors and the government are making efforts to help.
  • This comes after a shocking 70 percent of the suicidal cases reported were due to lack of proper health care from the State’s Department of Veterans Affairs.

What the US government is doing:

On 15 March 2019, the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump issued an innovative call to action. The executive order is a national call to action to reduce veterans’ suicides of the United States of America by improving the quality of their lives. This call by the President, was made after an alarming number of suicide cases by veterans in the State.

Veterans leave their respective homes and families risking their lives in deployment freedom-fighting missions for the country usually in war-stricken or conflict countries. Through these life-threatening and dreadful situations which veterans are subjected to, trauma is bound to be a consequence and side effect emerging from these events. The country’s Federal Government does not have the capacity to prevent the suicides alone.

Collaborative assistance is required from private and public sector to support the Federal Government to combat suicides of veterans.

The President made this call for various organizations to come on board in support of veterans and their affected families. This is a collaborative venture call after the realization it is not the responsibility of one department. The President emphasized that the call is an innovative, holistic and all-hands-on approach with the involvement of various organizations, institutions and bodies. Among the actions to be undertaken, research to unearth the underlying factors which lead to these suicides is to be prioritized: after all, prevention is better than cure.

Through a developed holistic roadmap, the overall health and wellbeing of veterans is made a priority.

The overall Executive Order adapts various sections from the Purpose, the Policy and the Establishment of the veterans’ wellness. Other sections include the development of the President’s Roadmap to Empower veterans and End a National Tragedy Suicide, and the development of a National Research Strategy amongst others.

In the executive order, he upholds faith-based organizations as partners in the effort: “Our collective efforts must begin with the common understanding that suicide is preventable and prevention requires more than intervention at the point of crisis. The Federal Government, academia, employers, members of faith-based and other community, non-governmental, and non-profit organizations, first responders, and the veteran community must all work together to foster cultures in which veterans and their families can thrive”, wrote President Trump.

What does the call for Action mean for the participation of Faith-based organizations?

The call for collaboration means that Christian Counseling organizations such as Christian Counselor Near me have a vital role to play for the wellbeing of veterans. In the words of the Founder of Christian Counselor Near Me: “The mission of Christian Counselor Near Me is to expand the reach and visibility of faith-based counseling across the country. We do this by connecting users to local and online therapists and agencies who provide the vital work of mental health care and counseling from a faith-based perspective.” (PastorTres Adames, MDiv, BCPC)

Tres Adames also serves as the Director of Arizona Christian Counseling in Phoenix, Arizona and also serves as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. Some of the critical projects he founded include Ask a Christian Counselor, a Christian counseling online podcasts, with the response to listeners of the podcast looking for Christian counselors in their area.

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What exactly is the Christian Counselor Near Me directory about?

–           It connects people in who seek counseling services with Certified Christian Counselors, pastoral counselors, and certified biblical counselors. The services and contact details of the counselors offered by the counselors are listed on the platform

–           On the directory there is a free quiz which potential counseling seekers must attempt to determine through the responses whether the quiz takers need counseling or not.

–           The counseling offered by the Christian counselors from this directory include trauma counseling, anxiety and depression counseling, suicidal counseling, general life challenges and more.

–           The Podcasts series held by Tres Adames helps ordinary people engage in conversations that helps steer any issues which revolve around counseling or which may need counseling attention. Through the podcasts series listeners are also able to find solace from afar and this can easily encourage individuals seek help where they did not think they needed it.

–           The directory features profiles of Professional Christian Counsellors who provide counseling services. When Counselors join Christian Counselor Near Me, they receive a customizable profile on the nationwide directory and gain access to their library of resources. Their resource library contains articles, worksheets, audio, and videos on Christian counseling and private practice building. Their online community provides a place for counselors to discuss clinical cases and exchange strategies for building their private practice or ministry.

–           The counsellors listed on the directory range from Master’s-level (or higher) state-licensed clinical counselors (such as psychologists, professional counselors, substance abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers). On the directory there is also Master’s-level (or higher) credentialed pastoral (such as certified pastoral counselors and certified biblical counselors*).

–           Certified Pastoral or Biblical Counselors must hold at least a Master’s degree and be certified by one of the following organizations: American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), the American Association of Christian Counselors Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors (BCPPC), National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA), Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), or Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC). The directory does not certify counselors.

How Christian Counselor Near Me is joining to the Call to Action by President Trump to aid the well-being of veterans:

Since  Christian Counselor Near Me is a nationwide counseling service, it has the capacity to reach even the most remote veterans. Reaching out to a counselor is only fingertips away through a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Counselors are available to engage with counseling seekers online as to eliminate the element of distance to provide solace as urgent as possible.


Given the high benchmark criteria required for Christian counselors to appear on directories like this, it is clear that faith is not the only reliable element to make this a success: indeed qualifications and experience are key factors that will help drive results. Now is a time to take action and help those who are most in need.

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