Pharmaceutical Filtration Market 2022 Industrial Chain, Regional Scope, Key Players Profiles and Sales Data to 2028

Pharmaceutical Filtration Market

Pharmaceutical Filtration Market: Introduction

The pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries use the filtration process to separate solids from fluids by inserting the medium through which only fluid can pass. Filtration aids in the process development of the small and large molecules by stopping cross-contamination. This process can be merged with other processes. This separation method is carried out with the help of a single perforated layer, and this technique is used in several processes such as water filtration, air filtration, bilk and solvent filtration.

The Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market Forecast:

The global Pharmaceutical Filtration market size is estimated to be valued at USD 10.9 billion in 2022 and projected to reach USD 38.27 billion by 2030, recording a CAGR of 17.0% during the forecast period 2022 to 2030.

The Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market Overview:

Technological development in large molecule and biologics and rising advancement in nanofiber technology are anticipated to accelerate the market growth over the forecast period.

Furthermore, the surge in generic drug production and increasing demand for clean and safe research and manufacturing environment are expected to bolster the market in the forthcoming years. Additionally, the importance of biologics and their development for the treatment of several diseases is anticipated to accelerate the market over the forecast period.

However, several restraints and challenges can hamper market growth, as strict government rules & regulations may act as a market obstacle.

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Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market: Market Dynamics

Market Drivers: Surge in Adoption of Single-Use technologies

Biopharmaceutical production is highly regulated, with strict sanitary and quality requirements for each manufacturing stage. Therefore, manufacturing biopharmaceuticals using traditional apparatus becomes highly complex and cos Intensive.

Single-use technologies have transformed the production and development of biopharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers have adopted single-use technologies (SUTs) to ensure drug-pricing control to manage the strict regulatory framework and economic recessions.

Market Opportunities: Development in the nanofiber technology to augment market expansion

Nanofilteration is predominantly referred to as the new technology that can be used to fill the gap between two well-developed technologies such as revers cosmos and ultrafiltration. One of the most important features of Nanofiltration membranes is their capability to pervade monovalent ions. Therefore, nanofiltration can be used in various sectors, especially for water and wastewater treatment, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the newly advanced nanofiber coating filtration technology provides better flexibility, durability, and control than the traditional filtration method. For the making of this new coating,  fibres ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 microns in size are used, which can be increased up to 1 micron. According to the application requirement, this fibre’s diameter distribution and layer thickness can be changed easily.

Nanofiltration has the potential to separate the molecules which are present in the organic solvents. This quality of nanofiltration has a great possibility in industries ranging from refining to fine chemical and pharmaceuticals synthesis. Therefore, the development in nanofiber technology is anticipated to accelerate the market expansion over the forecast period.

The Key Market Segmentation of the Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market:

This Research Report Categorized the Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market Based on Scale of operations, Application, Techniques, Product and Geographical Landscape.

By Scale of Operation:

  • Manufacturing-Scale Operations
  • Pilot-Scale Operations
  • R&D-Scale Operations

By Application:

  • Cell Separation
  • Water Purification
  • Air Purification


  • Raw Material filtration
  1. Media and Buffer Filtration
  2. Prefiltration

3 Bioburden Testing

  • Final product processing
  1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Filtration
  2. Sterile Filtration
  3. Protein Purification
  4. Vaccine and Antibody Processing
  5. Formulation and Filling Solution Filtration
  6. Viral Clearance

By Technique:

  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Other Techniques

By Product:

  • Membrane Filters
  • Single-Use Systems
  • Cartridge & Capsule Filters
  • Filter Holders
  • Filtration Accessories
  • Prefilters & Depth Media Filters
  • Other Products

By Geographical Landscape:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle East and Africa

Major Key Players in the Global Pharmaceutical Filtration Market Are:

  • Merck KGaA,
  • GE Healthcare,
  • Pall Corporation,
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation,
  • Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A.,
  • 3M Company,
  • Eaton Corporation PLC,
  • Amazon Filters Ltd.,
  • Graver Technologies,
  • LLC,
  • Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

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The Covid-19 Impact Analysis:

Contradictory, the Covid-19 pandemic played an essential role in expanding filtration in the pharmaceutical industry. The filtration technique gained huge popularity in vaccine manufacturing across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.

Pharmaceutical filtration has improved and evolved simultaneously and became more progressive and agile due to massive investment in overcoming the Covid-19 challenges.

Developing economies such as India, China and Brazil have become the hub for pharmaceutical outsourcing and may offer profitable opportunities over the forecast period.

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