Paper Angle Boards Market Share Size Demand

Paper Angle Boards Market

Market overview: The size of the global paper edge protectors market was notably strong in 2021, and it is predicted to grow quickly in terms of revenue during the projection period. Rising demand for edge or corner protectors to package a variety of consumer and industrial items, manufacturers’ increased attention on environmentally friendly packaging practises, and the introduction of cutting-edge and creative packaging solutions are key factors fueling market revenue growth.

Trays used to maintain the structural integrity of the product being packed and safeguard it from internal or external harm are edge protectors, often referred to as corner protectors. Paper items that are packaged or stacked, such as corrugated or cardboard stacks, are given paper edge protectors. The protectors are made up of pre-assembled board lengths that are joined together to provide a circular, square, or rectangular covering for the product’s edges. Paper edge protectors offer stability and security to items during handling, storage, and transit, as well as preventing product damage. Edge and pallet guarding, load stability and stacking strength, pallet load unification, and breakage resistance are common packing tasks of paper edge protectors. To meet particular product needs, paper edge protectors are offered in a range of sizes and combinations. Side protection boards, vertical protection boards, wrap-around edge boards, end protection boards, U-profiles, L-type edge boards, flat boards, angle boards, ID protectors, OD protectors, self-adhesive edge boards, stacking strength boards, and paper core pipes are examples of products with a common use as paper edge protectors. These items’ primary attributes are increased safety, simple installation, excellent durability, recyclability, and affordable prices.

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Technology advancements in product packaging, rising adoption of environmentally friendly and long-lasting packaging options, and rising demand for edge protectors in the logistics and transportation, warehousing, and manufacturing (food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care & cosmetics, construction, and electronics) sectors are the main factors driving the global paper edge protectors market’s revenue growth. Other significant factors influencing this market’s revenue growth include the expanding use of paper edge protectors due to their protective, shock- and tear-resistant, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective properties, as well as the growing demand in the e-commerce sector for product packaging. Additionally, rising import and export of pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and electronic goods globally, as well as growing concerns about the environmental impact of plastic packaging, are factors expected to support market revenue growth over the forecast period.

Global Paper Angle Boards Market: Major Players
Packaging Corporation of America
Primapack SAE
Cascades Inc
Cordstrap B.V
Sonoco Products
Smurfit Kappa
Romiley Board Mill
Signode Industrial Group (Crown Holdings)
N.A.L. Company
VPK Packaging Group
Eltete Oy
Kunert Gruppe (Paul & Co GmbH & Co KG)
Pacfort Packaging Industries
Napco National
Nanjing Hengfeng packaging Co., Ltd
Litco International

Global Paper Angle Boards Market: Types
L Type Corner Boards
U Type Corner Boards

Global Paper Angle Boards Market: Applications
Food & Beverage
Building & Construction
Personal Care & Cosmetics
Electrical & Electronics/Chemicals

Factors Limiting the Global Market for Paper Edge Protectors:
Due to a few negative factors, the worldwide paper edge protectors market’s revenue growth is anticipated to be somewhat constrained over the forecast period. Paper edge protectors have some drawbacks that are expected to prevent widespread use of the product and consequently restrain market revenue growth. These drawbacks include low impact and abrasion resistance, suitability for only light applications, and lower reusability when compared to metal or plastic edge protectors. Another significant factor anticipated to restrain market revenue growth in the coming years is volatility in raw material costs.

One of the main factors generating revenue growth chances for top players in the global paper edge protectors market is rising demand for edge protectors with perforation. For example, the top packaging business Inter-Pak Ukraine has created edge protectors with perforations that make it simple and quick to package goods. High-quality paper edge protectors with perforations shield the package’s corners and edges from dings and damage while preserving the stability of the good during shipping. Additionally, they make things look better and make the wrapping process go more quickly.