Owl Labs Launches Owl Bar, the First Front-of-Room Video Conferencing Device on the Market to Seamlessly Connect With a 360-Degree Camera and Audio Device

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Cerebral Overload

Owl Labs, the first company to build AI-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions, today announced the launch of the Owl BarTM device, a front-of-room camera, microphone and speaker that pairs with the Meeting Owl(R) device and newly-launched Whiteboard OwlTM camera – which pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro or 3 so remote team members can easily view your in-room whiteboard – to make hybrid meetings more immersive and productive. The Owl Bar is the first and only front-of-room camera on the market that works wirelessly with a 360-degree, centre-of-the-room camera for a front and centre vid…

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