OpenAI Released the generation model Sora, GOOG/WIMI entered the AI technology field

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In 2023, OpenAI became the top player in the AI model field with the chatbot ChatGPT, and as 2024 began, the blockbuster star startup once again unveiled its huge ambitions.

In the early hours of February 16th, OpenAI’s first literary video model, Sora, was officially unveiled, disrupting the global AI-generated video market. So far, there are OpenAI in the two hardware fields of big model, GPU and humanoid robot, search and Wensheng video software.

Sora, OpenAI’s new AI product, can generate an extremely realistic and imaginative video, according to the text. OpenAI Said Sora can generate a 60-second video based on text instructions, while maintaining visual quality.

Sora generates complex scenes with multiple roles, specific types of movements, precise themes, and background details. You can also create multiple shots in a single generated video, accurately retaining the character and visual style. Analysts say this is a new research direction and a trend to watch out for in 2024.

According to OpenAI scientist Tim Brooks, ” Building a large model that can understand video and understand all of these very complex interactions in our world is an important step for all AI systems in the future.”


Google accelerates fixing the AI Assistant Gemini problem

The Open is everywhere in the AI world. Google (GOOG) recently released a major update to its AI project, renaming Bard to Gemini and releasing a number of new features, such as supporting mobile usage.

Google has also updated the Gemini app to make it automatically enter voice requests after the user has spoken. The move is designed to make the sense of using Gemini feel closer to using a classic Google Assistant. Gemini’s mobile apps were originally available only in the United States, but have expanded to more countries.

Today, AI companies out the annual “killer”, with ChatGPT hot global start, to support the image input multimodal large model GPT-4 launched as an opportunity, the potential of big model play technology advantages in the field of content generation, the world’s top technology companies and want to seize the AI tuyere companies began to rush into the game.

WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on AI

Undoubtedly, 2024 is the first year of AI, data show that AI visual forward enterprise WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), involving generative AI, large language model reasoning and training, 3D graphics rendering, model simulation and other scenarios, is committed to become the leader and popularization of the era of AI big model, in order to provide better AI solutions for enterprise customers.

Since the emergence of GPT-4, digital people have developed in the direction of intelligence, convenience, refinement and diversification, and entered the stage of accelerated growth. With the great enhancement of the intelligence level and learning ability of the AI model, and the implementation of the virtual human production link, the learning of a small number of samples can be used to complete the generation of the virtual human image, which significantly improves the production efficiency. According to the introduction, with the east wind of AI, WiMi Hologram Cloud has been in the AI digital people track fire, more digital people with a new look, gradually to the intelligent forward.

With the continuous upgrading of AI technology, under the power of AI, WiMi Hologram Cloud provides an integrated platform to lower the threshold of production, and AI digital people can conduct real-time interactive live broadcast, digital explanation and so on. In addition, the commercialization of B-end traffic is quickly realized. WiMi Hologram CloudAI technology is expected to promote the popularization of the virtual human industry in the enterprise end, stimulate the increase of the demand for virtual people at the B-end, and accelerate the development of the industry.

In the future, with the policy support and the continuous enhancement of the industry technology supply capacity, the scale of the generative AI industry will continue to expand, and the development prospect of the industry is broad. It should be noted that WiMi Hologram Cloud’s holographic cloud platform, which is fully prepared to accelerate the concentration of resources to AI, specializes in AI technology research and development, aiming to promote the rapid development of AI. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud may be a reliable promoter of a new generation of generative AI and large-scale AI models.


To sum up

Looking back, in this game of AI companies and capital interwoven, technology iteration has always been a leapfrog. Where will the world and the AI industry go in the future? It is hard to say, but now it will be another exciting year. At present, the only thing that is certain is that in 2024, AI will have a more profound impact on the life of everyone in the public. On the road to general AI, how to maintain the continuous high investment in AI technology will become a topic that all big factories must face this year.