OmniaVerse Token Raises $150,000 Capital in 24 Hours Presale

OmniaVerse is a brand new Dev Lead crypto project from a team with a 12-year IT experience and over four years in the cryptocurrency space. The OmniaVerse token’s recent release on the Bitrise Blockchain recorded a phenomenal $150K capital raise within 24 hours of its presale.

As the OmniaVerse token debuts on Bitgert’s, it is also the first project of Bitgert’s Startup Studio Program to be listed on Dex Project Goal. Bitgert, the crypto engineering organization, is a scalable blockchain ecosystem that ensures a speed of 100,000 transactions per second with close to zero transaction fees. The Bitgert Chain is also secure and scalable, a place with several projects developing right now, and it recently launched its “hyper-deflationary” cryptocurrency BRISE and a BRISE dApp Wallet.

Creating A Space For Artists

HeisenVerse says, “Crypto-powered art in the multiverse was a dream we have had for a while.” He continues, “Over the past year, we realized our dream of working on a massive project like this, thanks to the rise of several new blockchain platforms and other exciting developments. This led to the creation of OmniaVerse.”

The OmniaVerse project’s recent launch from its experienced development team was a huge success, seen by the $150k capital raised during the first 24 hours of the presale, followed by the announcement of a completed presale in the following 24 hours.

Within two days of the project’s launch on DEX, it went over the $1million market cap and currently sits at over $1.5million market cap inching towards the next target. The project goal at OmniaVerse is the creation of a multiverse platform where anyone can become an artist, allowing the monetization of all artworks. Anyone can buy OmniaVerse on TheSphynx.

There is a capped token amount of 1 billion, of which 350 million were available for the presale. OmniaVerse recently defined its operation plan and objectives. At the outset, creating a usable product is their primary goal, followed by building a community and ensuring the creation of a sustainable business model to ensure Omniaverse is a well oiled machine running in cruise-control mode.

OmniaVerse’s operations are determined as follows. 

  1. It allows its users to link to their gaming accounts like Minecraft, Meta. It will also include other future Metaverses as they become available.
  2. Users can build any structure on the OmniaVerse decentralized application (dApp subscription) and either sell or swap their Omniaverse subscriptions on the dApp. 
  3. They can then list their Omniaverse subscriptions as NFTs on their in-house Marketplace or OpenSea or another channel. 
  4. Once anyone lists an NFT, other users and players can check its design, whether they just intend to experience the metaverse or as prospective buyers on any marketplace.

Keeping a Finger on Marketplace Pulses

OmniaVerse consists of a group of developers who make unique and innovative blockchain products. As a team, they have actively played a building role in the Minecraft community that has plenty of Minecraft building artists known as Minecraft Builds. Minecraft is just one building platform; the recent launch of Meta creates another new space for millions more artists to develop.

Growing demand for NFTs and games within the DeFi ecosystem often means more expensive transactions. OmniaVerse joins other players like Matic to ensure faster transactions at cheaper rates.

As new blockchain platforms and applications emerged over the past year, the team at OmniaVerse saw the growing demand for a platform where anyone could create artwork. They wanted these on metaverses supported by the multiverse, like Minecraft and Meta, that are powered by improved and cheaper blockchain providers like Bitgert, Ethereum, and Binance Chain.

Integrating their platform with Oculus ensures a seamless metaverse experience for building on Minecraft or Meta. Anyone can make their creations available to everyone, enabling selling or monetizing their Ominaverse dapp subscriptions.

About OmniaVerse

Boosting blockchain adoption is their mission at OmniaVerse, and they believe the best way to do this is to facilitate and promote the day-to-day use of crypto tokens. Taking the world beyond seeing crypto as an investment, they want to encourage users to transact with it instead of using money.

Investor protection through locked liquidity and the security of the Bitgert Blockchain is an integral feature of the OmniaVerse cryptocurrency. In the words of HeisenVerse, a member of the team at OmniaVerse, “Having a product first mindset is the only way to be successful. While everyone is busy selling tokens, we are here releasing usable products and features every 2 weeks.”

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