Oclean Air2, the silent toothbrush set to launch on eBay this October

It may not seem like an everyday issue, but using an electric toothbrush can offer both its pros and cons. Since the development of electric toothbrushes, users and dental hygienists have found that it can be more thorough and gentler on the teeth cleaning process. Although electric toothbrushes can come in a wide variety of brands, sizes, colors, speed, and versatility, if you will, one singular problem has always been a drawback – noise.

Oclean, the modern leader in the innovation and pursuit of silent and noise reducing toothbrushes has finally broken through the shackles, developing, and manufacturing their silent toothbrush, the Oclean Air2. Although many dental hygienists and consumers are always looking for the best in personal care and hygiene, we took a closer look at who Oclean is and how the Air2 is at the forefront of its market.

How technological innovation and pursuit of quality brought Oclean to the forefront of the industry.

Ordinary toothbrushes, whether it be a manual and, in this case, an electric toothbrush can in many ways influence consumer satisfaction and overall ease of use. Although not many are bothered by using an electric toothbrush that makes a lot of noise, Oclean saw an opportunity to improve its line of products.

Currently, Oclean offers not only electric toothbrushes but also a variety of different products, from touchless soap dispensers, earphones, headphones, and other electric equipment that has been designed for everyday household use. “We know that many might not see this as a breakthrough, but using an electric toothbrush in the early morning, while your partner or spouse is still asleep, in a quiet house can quickly become irksome. That’s why we looked at what our customers not only want but more importantly need,” shares one of the spokespersons for the Oclean Air2 range.

What makes the Air2 so different from ordinary electric toothbrushes?

From first glance, one will notice the sleek design, smooth edges, and how light it is in the palm of your hand. When you finally switch on your Air2, you will realize that the inner workings of this electric toothbrush are Mute Sonic, no noise, and the only thing you can feel is the vibration.

How is noise reduction implemented in the Air2?

The spokesperson explained, “we did multiple tests and vigorous research, trying to establish how we can design and develop something that has hundreds of interlocking parts but still won’t make any noise. The Air2 uses a combination of ultrasonic noise reduction drive, with an ultra-quiet motor technology.”

What this means, is that noise of your Air2 is reduces to as noise as 30dB, and in some events even less. If you’re not sure how quiet or 30dB sounds, it’s the equivalent of someone whispering nearby, in a quiet and restless neighborhood area. Even we didn’t expect that from something so simple, yet so complex.

What other features does the Air2 have?

Although its key selling point is its noise reduction, key selling points for the Air2 is its lightweight design, easy handling, reduction in the cleaning of smaller electrical components. Additionally, Oclean ensured that the inner workings of the Air2 can function at the optimum output, and all new Air2 electric toothbrushes come standard with an output of 220gf/cm. It might not be considered high, but this is still higher than larger and more prominent electric toothbrushes currently available on the market.

When will the Oclean Air2 launch on eBay?

It’s worth knowing that the Oclean Air2 will launch on eBay on the 10th of October 2020 and will continue until the 14th of October. Time for its initial launch has been announced, with minimal insider information if pre-orders will be available to a select few customers.

What can we expect from the eBay launch and look out for?

“We know that dental hygiene products can quickly become expensive, especially if you are someone like me, who can’t use the same toothbrush for too long. When the Air2 launches on the 10th of October, buyers can receive a 10% coupon on our products that are available on our sales page. What this means, is that customers will be able to purchase their Air2 for as little as €32.99,” the spokesperson tells.

It’s also good to know that other products from Oclean will also be on offer at discount prices as the event is set to take place over five consecutive days. Visit the Oclean eBay link for more product information and special offers, https://bit.ly/3kW8uWL