NODE Announces Their New Play to Earn Game, E-Racing.NODE

The combination of blockchain technology and gaming has been on the cards for some time and the recent rise in blockchain games indicates a new trend for the crypto space. One of the new types of game to emerge as a result of this combination is play to earn games. These games incorporate their own commercial activity, currencies and economy. The currency which these games use tends to be metaverse related and often involves play to earn tokens. A recent academic study has investigated the performance of 174 different play to earn tokens and their results have revealed four major points. The play to earn niche is characterized by, “(i) a positive performance in the long run, (ii) the absence of high co-movements with the cryptocurrency market, (iii) the emergence of bubbles, (iv) and the absence of high correlations with NFT features, such as number of transactions, sales and Google searches.”

NODE is a new company in the play to earn space and they are pioneering a novel approach to NFTs and play to earn games. Their NFTs will be renewable in that they can be used on multiple games and not just one. This represents a big shift for the industry and a way for players and crypto users to gain more value, and fun, from their NFTs.

NODE and Renewable NFTs

NODE has set out on the project of pioneering renewable NFTs as a means of providing users with a greater degree of value for their assets. Their new game E-Racing.NODE is set in the future and players control cars with futuristic engines and other technology. The engine of each car is a unique NFT and these engines can be bought and sold as assets. Additionally, players can earn play to earn tokens through their gameplay which can then be used as traditional crypto currency. This mechanism makes the game rewarding as a game and as a financial vehicle. 

NODE has announced two further games in which the same NFTs from E-Racing.NODE can be used. The first game is called E-Plants.NODE and the second game is yet to be named. In both of these games players can reuse their NFTs from any of the other games in the NODE lineup. This provides players with a great deal of value for their initial investment. Additionally, the multiple use cases of a single NFT means that each NFT and their owner can have more means of generating value out of their NFT. 

The E in NODE stands for Eco and the team at NODE is deeply concerned with the plight of the environment. It is for this reason that a small portion of each token sale will go toward funding projects which are taking environmental issues seriously and are working towards a carbon neutral future. 

A rug pull is a malicious action in which developers of a crypto project abandon work on their project and abscond with the money which their investors have given them. This is a common type of scam in the crypto environment and many users have unwittingly fallen prey to these sorts of scams. The team at NODE is dedicated to putting an end to this type of behavior and they caution customers to be wary of any crypto project without strong support from the developers and without a roadmap. A member of the NODE team has stated, “There should be no more rug pull in the P2E market. Users need to check whether the project has an ongoing plan.”

Final Thoughts 

NODE and their new game E-Racing.NODE are taking the concept of the renewable NFT and running with it. They are providing players with a way of having fun and making money. This in turn contributes positively towards the play to earn space which has been beleaguered by rug pulls and other forms of scams. NODE is pioneering the concept of the renewable NFT in order to provide players and crypto users with a functional asset that is not locked to a single game. This way players and crypto users can derive more benefit from their NFT than they otherwise could in more traditional play to earn games.