Noam Sela loves these music streaming apps

The way we listen to music has changed drastically over the past few decades. Gone are the days where CD’s, vinyl records and cassette tapes held sway over music lovers. The classic walkman and other MP3 players have been replaced by apps on mobile and desktop, giving music lovers access to their favorite beats anytime anywhere. With all the music streaming services out there it can be hard to choose the one that is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at some specific music streaming services. 

Spotify: best overall music app

Identified as the best overall music app Spoitify’s music algorithm will help music lovers discover old favorites as well as new hits. The free tier defaults to a decent enough 96-Kbps and 345 million Spotify users in the fourth quarter of 2020 seems to agree.

The Premium tier sees ads disappear completely and streams are bumped up to 320-Kbps which is the standard streaming quality. However music lovers are in for a treat later this year as Spotify plans the release of Spotify HiFi. Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound to HiFi and enjoy CD-quality music. 

“My dream is to be on famous Spotify playlists,” Noam Sela, a musician and TikTok personality, shared. He points out that the absence of videos are quite favorable on Spotify as it allows listeners to focus purely on the music. “They don’t see how old you are. They don’t see how good looking you are. It gives you a chance. Even if you’re not a child, even if you’re not a model, you can still succeed in Spotify. This is actually a good thing.”


This one is for classical music lovers. Since launching in 2017, Primephonic offers over 3.5 million classical music tracks, including some that listeners will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Making use of FLAC file formats which can have higher resolution and frequency range than CD quality, Primephonic offers these files up to 24 bit with varying sample rates. “This means that the sound quality can exceed that of the CD in means of dynamic depth and accuracy,” the company states.

Tidal: for uncompromising sound quality

With a vast catalog of over 70 million songs, Tidal is a Norwegian subscription-based music, podcast and video streaming service. It was launched in 2014 by Aspiro and is now owned by Project Panther Bidco. If a lossless music experience ranks high on your priority list, Tidal may offer the solution with their HiFi tier streaming music up to 1,411 Kbps. Some tracks can be played at a stunning 9,216 Kbps. 

Apple Music: good for iOS

Apple Music uses elements of the Beats streaming service which Apple purchased back in 2014 and gave it a popularity surge by bringing on some of the world’s most popular DJs. The Beats brand essentially became a live internet radio station within the app. High-profilers such as Drake signed limited-time, exclusive deals with Apple Music. This helped it compete with brands like Spotify. The human-curated discovery options are not as effective as Spotify’s and those out on a musical adventure will be led down fewer musical rabbit holes. Apple Music does limit users to 100,000 songs in their library, but there is no limit to how many songs each playlist can contain. Users can enjoy music streams up to 256 Kbps. This music streaming service has a tab that displays a user’s favorite song. So if you love Pink Floyd, AC/DC or the Beatles and want to listen to their songs on a drive, it will play all your favorite songs across all the albums. 


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Whether you love classical music or want to listen to music the way the artist intended, there is no doubt that music streaming services will continue to evolve. When deciding on a music streaming service it’s worth considering a few things. You’d want to make sure there is an app for your chosen streaming platform and whether there is support for extra features available. It goes without saying that the audio quality of your chosen service should be satisfactory and possess a user-friendly interface.