New research on How Chatbots Can Improve Conversions

The result of working with more than 60 marketing agencies on advanced AI bots, integrated with campaigns, led to a lot of optimism:

  • Email to Chatbot conversions have increased thanks to better AI
  • Omni-channel and 24/7 responses improve e-commerce conversions across the board
  • Chatbots deployed alongside remarketing campaigns and news releases show remarkable results

This corresponds with research from Forrester, suggesting that in many cases, smart deployment can lead to better conversion rates.

Good news for E-commerce:

The majority of websites and apps have chatbots whose purpose is to perform more than just welcome people to their landing page. Besides welcoming and guiding shoppers, they help to improve customer experience and increase conversions.

Chatbots have all the tools to enable businesses to integrate them into their conversion strategy in a few easy steps. Companies that are ready to boost their sales can take advantage of them and have revenue increases.


Optimize customer service

Consumers are demanding, expecting instant responses to queries and orders at all hours of the day or night. For companies that want to keep up in this competitive environment there is no choice but to also implement the advanced technology that bots offer.

According to a Harvard Business study, on buyer service interactions, conducted on Twitter, it was found that customers to airlines and wireless carriers were more likely to pay more for services, in both industries in future interactions, if they had a positive and fast interaction (less than five minutes) with their customer service.

When consumers are interested in any product, they inevitably may have a few concerns before spending their money. Chatbots that are trained and intuitive can respond to almost any questions with immediate answers, clarifying any queries. The customer, once satisfied, will usually proceed to make the purchase. Were it not for chatbots, this type of customer service cannot be offered by humans 24/7 because of the high cost.

Suggested products

Chatbots can be trained to find out exactly what customers are looking for, instead of users having to search an entire online store; chatbots provide them with suitable options. Users have the help of an online shop assistant that picks items that match the description given, provides a link to purchase and can also up-sell and cross-sell other items, much like an assistant in a shop would.

Lead qualification

Leads need to be qualified in order to determine if they can be converted into buyers. Valuable time need not be wasted spending time on those that are highly unlikely to purchase, and chatbots can be set to ask lead-qualifying questions.

These pre-determined questions can be set in such a ways as to determine what the user is looking for, what their budget is, if they are qualified to make the buying decision, etc. Besides qualifying leads, if the user is about to make a purchase, the chatbot has already collected all the relevant information.

Social media, chatbots and engagement

With chatbots, users don’t even have to visit a website to make a purchase. Since most users are already spending a great deal of their day on various social media interacting, chatbots can provide a better mobile experience for them.

In fact, the American Marketing Association recently featured the results from an experiment that was run by the Michigan State University. Of the respondents approached, only 35% responded to a web-based survey from their smartphones, whereas, 76% completed it via a Facebook messenger bot. Therefore, chatbots provide a better mobile experience for users on social media and they capture more customers. Domino’s Pizza is one example of how various companies have made use of the convenient shopping experience for consumers.

Attracting customers to make a purchase on social media has just become so much easier with chatbots.

SnatchBot and improved conversions

The best bots have the tools to help improve conversions. Besides saving costs, chatbots lead to more conversions and increased revenue. Many businessmen shy away from them because they don’t realize how affordable they are and how easy they are to implement, since bot builders don’t need any technical knowledge.

SnatchBot is the most recommended bot building platform, offering administrative features, security, Natural Language Processing (NLP), first-grade security, and offers outstanding customer experiences.

At SnatchBot, conversations with users are stored so that all the steps in a conversation can be referred back to, while it stores emails URLs and addresses too. Extracted data can be filtered in any number of ways and it can be delivered to a CRM, where important customer leads can be used effectively.

Bots at SnatchBot are not limited to one channel and one can be used across many, including all the social media platforms, without needing to be rebuilt each time. The chatbots can also be integrated to an enterprises own messaging system.

Final scoop

The world of online shopping has changed radically and customers can be converted globally, at any time. Chatbots and their instant response is the greatest tool for businesses to improve conversions.