New patented tool “EZ Siding nailer” to increase production for vinyl siding installation for construction


  • Install vinyl sliding quicker and better, thereby saving time and improving efficiency
  • Move on average 4 X faster on construction jobs by using EZ Siding Nailer.


Driving down cost in a competitive environment is key in the construction industry. EZ Siding Nailer makes this possible especially for those working in construction. The company succeeded to create a new and innovative tool that will help save more time on vinyl siding installations. Their new siding nailer adapter took almost five years to complete and has managed to give non-veteran construction workers the chance to complete installation products more professionally without additional training. Production on any vinyl siding jobs can be done four-times faster. 

A recap of the EZ Siding Adapter:

The company has brought a fresh take on simple hardware tools and accessories. It has managed to manufacture something so unassuming, yet so widely adaptable. The EZ Siding Adapter is an effective and durable adapter for your Bostitch roof gun. There are no tall tales of how this adapter works, or how it should function, the company has simply seen a need for something more reliable than conventional methods. “It took us almost 5 years to finally develop a patented tool which will help with an increase in production,” says Jonas Zook Jr.

The adapter is made from encoded steel, and helps with vinyl siding installation, making it easier and hassle-free. “It’s the simplicity of this adapter that makes it so popular. We’ve gotten feedback from so many builders, construction workers and handymen who enjoy the easy use of the adapter,” tells Zook Jr. It’s nothing to be surprised, as new and more innovative approaches in the construction industry are helping to increase productivity.

What does the EZ Siding Adapter offer?

“When we started this project, we had one thing in mind – bringing something to the table which will stand the test of time. The height, depth and thickness were our main concerns, as that will influence the usability of the product,” says Zook.

Many working in the industry have a standard to uphold the quality of work they deliver, the same goes for their equipment. The company designed the adapter to fit easily over the Bostitch RN46-1 roofing gun, a popular make of roofing guns. “A chef won’t cut a steak with a blunt knife, or even a spoon for that matter. That’s why we focused on our product to be adaptable to industry-standard equipment,” Zook tells.

Let’s look at some of the benefits.

It’s important to know what you’re buying from the start. Everything you buy needs to be beneficial to the highest extent. An important thing it offers is its ability to help save time and man-hours on siding installations. Difficult or big installation jobs can now be completed in a shorter amount of time, but will still ensure superior results.


As an added benefit, the team at EZ Siding Nailer thought of everything, and that’s why the rookie on your team will find the adapter valuable. No more smashed fingers and newcomers to the site will quickly learn to install siding like a veteran. “We thought of it as a product that will help not only the best but also those who are just starting to learn,” Zook tells us.

The company is so sure in its tool it offers a 6-month warranty. “No hassles at all. If it doesn’t work, return it, that’s it,” he mentions. It gives you a bit of a shake in the pocket costing $199.99 per piece, but Zook Jr. and his team ensure buyers will make back the money within one week.

What are some recent testimonials?

The adapter has been US-Patented to deliver supreme excellence. It can heighten the capacity it will be used in, and the hardened zinc-coated steel will get the job done even under the toughest conditions.

Customers have responded boldly, stating that it helps to eliminate bruises and scratches on vinyl siding installation. Because contractors and roofers can now get the job done quickly, it gives them the ability to complete more jobs in a short amount of time. Some customers have deemed it to be a ‘lifesaver’, as it easily fits over their roofing gun. “I think contractors and builders like it so much because it works efficiently and gives you the sense that your work will always be done perfectly,” tells Zook Jr.

Cost saving in the construction industry is a must

Have your EZ Sliding Adapter shipped anywhere within a short time to start cutting down on cost and deliver jobs quicker. It might be small in its size, but it’s the small things that have been known to make a lasting impact. Although several people might never need to purchase the EZ Siding Adapter, it’s those who do that will enjoy the comfort of it.