New LLM, Interplay-AppCoder, now the most powerful Generative AI Coding model available

By KeremYucel from Getty Images

A new large language model for automated code generation is taking the industry by storm. Interplay-AppCoder LLM,’s large language model for automated code generation, recently became the most powerful Generative AI Coding model available.


Code-generation LLMs are an essential part of the software developers’ toolbox and a necessity for businesses looking to incorporate AI applications, improve their operations and stay ahead of their competitors.  However, previous existing LLMs, including ChatGPT, currently do not support the most modern code-sets like LangChain, nor do they include the latest thinking around coding methodologies.


The arrival of Interplay-AppCoder LLM changes the game. “Our venture into training a code generation LLM on state-of-the-art generative AI frameworks and libraries like YOLO V8, LangChain, and VertexAI, has culminated in Interplay-AppCoder LLM,” stated Brian Sathianathan,’s CTO and Co-Founder. “The creation of Interplay-AppCoder LLM was made possible by the meticulous fine-tuning of CodeLlama-7B, 34B and Wizard Coder-15B, 34B on a bespoke dataset. Essentially, we are creating our own, updated version of ChatGPT specifically for developers to generate code at an enterprise level at levels that exceed what is currently available.”


Other leading coding models like Meta’s Code Llama, the AI model built on top of Meta’s Llama 2 LLM and fine-tuned for code generation and discussion, and WizardCoder, an open-source coding assistant have been leaders in this arena. As of mid-October 2023, WizardCoder stood as the dominant coding LLM, soundly beating Code Llama in testing. Now, the newly launched Interplay-AppCoder LLM vastly out-codes WizardCoder.


The Rankings


Interplay-AppCoder LLM was created through the fine-tuning of CodeLlama-7B, 34B and Wizard Coder-15B, 34B on a bespoke dataset of newer generative AI libraries such as YOLO V8, Vertex AI, and LangChain. The first release of the Interplay-AppCoder model’s performance scored exceptionally high on the ICE Benchmark, a methodology that focuses on usefulness and functionality. It scored a usefulness score of 2.968 of 4.0 and a functionality score of 2.476 of 4.0, 52% and 440% higher than WizardCoder respectively. 


The Value of Interplay-AppCoder LLM


Dev teams and organizations can use Iterate’s Interplay-AppCoder to write software faster and to check code effectiveness as if another software developer is sitting over the coder’s shoulder. AppCoder LLM can also be used on private servers, meaning private work has no chance of leaking into the Internet. This means that it is a critical advantage across all of an enterprise’s departments, not just IT development teams.


Jon Nordmark, CEO of explained, “This is not just a CIO issue for building Generative AI applications. Having a robust code generation LLM is important for digital teams and C-Suites to bring engaging  generative AI digital applications to market faster.”


Deploying Iterate’s LLM for code generation underscores a significant reduction in development time and resources, thus translating into substantial cost savings and enhanced productivity. 


“Businesses can harness Interplay-AppCoder to stay ahead of the competition. Companies need the best tools available to them to work with generative AI, and the current leader is Iterate’s Interplay-AppCoder, which reduces time-to-market by automating code generation and extending support for the latest models and libraries. By automating the coding process, businesses can spend their time and resources focusing on strategic initiatives, fostering innovation and growth,” Sathianathan stated. is building several private LLMs for large enterprises throughout the United States and Asia. The generative AI market worldwide is projected to reach $191.8 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 34.1% from 2023 to 2032. Generative AI is expected to represent about 15% of the total AI market. enterprise clients leverage Interplay, the company’s low-code AI Platform. is at the forefront of empowering businesses with state-of-the-art AI tools and technologies. Its platform is cloud-agnostic, and it can run AI on the edge and in secure private environments. With four patents granted and nearly a dozen more pending, Iterate’s platform offers corporate innovators a low-risk, systematic way to scale in-house, near-term digital innovation initiatives.