Nancy Etz Scholarship and More for Students Interested in The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is a tough one to break into with many students struggling to make their mark when they leave college or university. One of the biggest issues facing students when they move into their post-academic career is the high level of debt, they take on in the form of student loans. If you are worried about student loan debt before you enter the entertainment industry, you should take a look at the range of scholarships that will help limit the number of loans you are forced to take out.


1. Nancy Etz Scholarship

The Nancy Etz Scholarship provides financial support of $1,000 to each student chosen following the application process. The scholarship is provided to students who are already enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program that requires financial assistance to allow them to move forward with achieving their career dreams. To be eligible to receive the award of $1,000, each student applying for the scholarship is required to complete a 500-word essay and completing an online form.

2. Live Nation Music Industry Scholarships

The live events and the music industry have undergone a tough time in 2020, but the executives at the iconic Live Nation brand are trying to address these problems by continuing their scholarship program. The Live Nation Music Industry Scholarships are awarded every year to three students who are hoping to create a successful career in the industry.

The range of roles a student may be interested in are many and varied to provide you with many options for a future career, including artist management and concert promotion. The scholarships are awarded as financial donations of $10,000 to three different students who are showing their academic skills and aiding in their local communities. Alongside the usual use of an essay submission to receive the award, academic and community leaders can recommend students to the Live Nation committee to help make their choice.

3. Music Business Association Scholarships

In 2020, the Music Business Association had a major impact on the way the students have chosen to receive its scholarships moved forward with their studies. The trade association is backed by some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Billboard, Spotify, and Atlantic Records. This association has been instrumental in making sure some of the most qualified students get financial assistance with their move into the music industry, including awards of between $500 and $6,000. In 2020 alone, the Music Business Association Scholarships provided $43,000 to students who were intent on improving their prospects of achieving a career in this important creative sector.

4. AFWM Ford Emerging Voices Scholarship

The creative industry takes many forms, including that of writing and journalism that provide an exciting and thought-provoking career choice for many students. The Ford Motor Company sponsors this scholarship that it provides in conjunction with the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation to advance the number of women in journalism. The winner of this award will receive $3,000 and the runner-up will be paid a $1,000 scholarship given directly to their academic institution to cover part of their tuition. Alongside the financial aspects of the scholarship, one of the most important parts of this scholarship is the chance to write for the AFWM website. Both the winner and runner-up will be given the chance to complete two blog posts for the website to give them an excellent first step in the process of breaking into a journalistic career.

5. Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation Scholarship

The expansion of the creative arts into various technological fields means the number of scholarships open to students hoping to enter the entertainment industry is expanding. Those students who show academic ability but are affected by learning challenges are the focus of the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation Scholarship. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must provide evidence of their learning challenges, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. These learning challenges can provide students with difficult issues to overcome and make it difficult for them to enter the entertainment industry without the academic success of others. However, the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation Scholarship is focused directly on students facing these kinds of challenges.

6. Stephen L. Teller & Richard Hotson TV, Cinema, and Theater Scholarship

There are many ways of making your way into the entertainment industry with every student not able to make their way to a prestigious four-year college to further their career opportunities. The Stephen L. Teller and Richard Hotson TV, Cinema, and Theater Scholarship are focused on the students who choose to attend community colleges to begin their work to break into any of these disciplines.

This award is provided by The National Council of Jewish Women Los Angeles and is open to students living and studying in the Los Angeles area. The focus of the scholarship is not on those seeking entrance to the acting sector but is focused on students who wish to produce or perform behind-the-scenes roles in these sectors.

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