Musician Aakash Sansare drops his new single Falling Apart

Musician Aakash Sansare drops his new single Falling Apart

Music composer Aakash Sansare’s single Falling Apart helps find listeners temporary relief from suffering.

Aakash Sansare, a 25-year-old Indian youngster, was born in 1995. He has taken the onus upon himself to upset the peace, tranquility, and sense of community with his magnificent music. Aakash works as a full-time businessman and spends his free time as a musician. His main goal is to create Melo’s depressing Lo-Fi music with beats and lines from films that connect with listeners deeply and leave an impression.

Lo-Fi hip hop is Aakash’s expertise, and through it, he hopes to bring tranquility to those who are seeking it. He is aware of the stress and exhaustion that life may bring, and he wants to provide a moment of respite that will lift their spirits.

“I find inspiration for my music in different places that I have traveled to in Pune, Ahmednagar. It has greatly influenced my artistic process. People are in so much pain and suffering and with my music, I want to comfort them. Life experiences for different people are not the same. However, at one point, they are the same for most people” said Aakash Sansare.

The upcoming music composer released a single titled Falling Apart. “You experience a range of emotions while falling apart, and you cannot help but find solace in these enchanted instrumental sounds that serve as a temporary escape from suffering” added Aakash.

As the song begins, it transports one to a location near the sea, and as they walk on the wet sand, they gradually become immersed in its depth. The changeover takes place as the instrumental music begins- from the present pain to the happy moments. One can’t help but move to the music and feel all the emotions at once. It feels like the surf washes away the troubles and a solitary tear of peace finds its way to the cheeks. The expertly composed beat has a wonderful finale, such as a slow and gradual fade, conveying the idea that the anxieties will eventually pass.


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About Falling Apart:

Falling Apart is a single composed by musician Aakash Sansare. The single helps the listeners find solace through music and find a temporary escape from their troubles and pains.