Motorola’s Foldable Smartphone Might Soon See the Light of the Day


Off late, Motorola has been in the news owing to reports of them that it was planning to resurrect their Moto Razr brand by launching a new foldable smartphone. Design registration has also popped up on the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), which is seen showing a foldable smartphone designed by Motorola Mobility, along with the iconic hinge of the Moto Razr family. The design appeared to be similar to a patent that was previously filed by the company on the United States Patent and Trademark Office in August.

The most recent WIPO design registration was filed for by Motorola Mobility last week, and this was granted by WIPO on Saturday. This clearly showed a smartphone that had their iconic Motorola Razr hinge and the iconic chin. It also looked like the Lenovo-owned company would employ two displays, and it will have one large display on the inside of the clamshell form factor, and the other one outside, on the top half. This second display could be used to show some information to users without the need of unfolding the smartphone, whereas the first display with larger real estate could be used as the regular workplace. A notch on the first display will contain the earpiece, and the back panel featured two circular shapes on both the top and bottom, which might be the front camera and rear camera respectively, and there is also a possibility of a fingerprint sensor.

Photo Credit: WIPO

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported Motorola working on a foldable smartphone that will come at a premium price tag, and it would also be part of the company’s classic Razr family. The report also claimed that Motorola had been working on launching a new foldable Razr smartphone with US carrier Verizon in February, and this would come at a price of around $1,500 (approximately Rs 1,04,300). The last clamshell phone associated with Razr branding was the Motorola Razr V3, that released in 2004. The phone reportedly sold a whopping 130 million units all over the world. The WIPO listing was reported by 91Mobiles at first.

USPTO patent was filed by Motorola Mobility back in May 2017, which was further granted in August 2018, and it had been titled ‘Electronic Device With Hinge and Corresponding Systems and Methods’.

Photo Credit: USPTO

Various differences with respect to the design can be seen between the WIPO filing and the USPTO filing, and the latter appears not to feature a secondary display and will come with a single camera on the top half of the rear panel. It won’t have their iconic chin too. A patent doesn’t describe a finished product, it is just meant to take its hold over the underlying technology and concepts so that it is protected from potential misuse.

It is not just Motorola that is working on a foldable smartphone, but Samsung and Huawei have also confirmed developing such a model. South Korean electronics giant LG is also rumoured to be developing a foldable smartphone.