Mortgage rates hit record lows due to COVID-19 fears: Creating potential for an influx of business

  • Mortgage Rates have reached historic lows due to Coronavirus Fears.
  • The Mortgage industry sees a search of 165% in refinancing applications.
  • Lyncrest Media ramping up solutions to position mortgage companies as major benefactors of this titanic shift.

Many people think rates won’t stay this low for long. People don’t want to miss out on the opportunity refinance. That makes lead generation very easy for a lot of brokers, but they end up not having the capacity to service the influx of new business. They come to us because automation solves that problem.- Alex Machuca, CEO of Lyncrest Media.

Too much gloom and doom often hides some of the biggest revenue opportunities picked up by fast-moving entities, such as mortgage companies who are rapidly re-financing home owners who seek to benefit from record low mortgage rates. This is a true win-win as home owners are benefiting from record low rates and competitive mortgage providers scoop up new business. The only losers in this game is slow-moving and expensive mortgage companies.

Mortgage rates are dropping quickly and it is expected to drop even more. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that Refinance applications surged 165% annually. As companies fight for a piece of the pie; how to they position themselves for a the best outcome?

Automation and AI are rapidly making inroads in our offices these days. The Mortgage Industry is not an exception at all: Moving way beyond mere “lead generation” to smart solutions is no longer optional for companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve – and to benefit from the current shift, where people seek to refinance at the speed of light to bring about critical savings. (For more information see

Lyncrest Media is at the forefront of this new wave of marketing companies who implement automation. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, The company says they only sell appointments, not leads. They use a lead nurturing system that engages in conversation with people via text, email, and voicemail. The lead is pampered and taken through a customer journey. By the time it gets to the broker, it is primed and ready to have a serious conversation. “Following up with your leads is absolutely critical in order to be a successful broker. We follow up with a lead a minimum of 20 times over the course of 90 days.” says Alex. This well thought out follow up sequence has leads converting to booked appointments at an astounding rate. Setting appointments and staying organized is probably very important in todays busy climate!

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The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that Refinance applications surged 165% annually.

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  • U.S. Home sales dropped yet prices still rose by 2.3% in April – a trend unlikely to be sustained.
  • U.S. mortgage delinquencies soar – with almost 7% of all mortgages in arrears now.
  • Job losses spurred a 90% jump in missed mortgage payments.
  • Home refinancing now at historic records across America.