Mom brings old school beats to the TikTok generation: Meet Marie BustinMoves

TikTok has been this year’s latest trend with social media, granted the app has been around for a while, but its use has gained exponential growth with users finding new and innovative ways to get the app to work in their favor. BBC recently published an article that explored how jobseekers were using the social media app to post ‘careertok’ resumes as a way of finding employment. The app proved to have much potential in helping users find success and fame by catching  the eye of the right employer or by going viral for cool dance moves.

Verun Marie Moring is not your regular Mom, she’s a cool Mom that has found a way to integrate old school tunes with her new age dance moves. Moring, who goes by the name Marie BustinMoves, has become a TikTok sensation who has inspired the youth to get down and boogie to music that they would generally roll their eyes to. So much so that Marie’s videos have set trends that the youth are now trying to keep up with as they duet themselves BustinMoves to the golden oldies.

Marie is originally from Milwaukee, WI and now a Southern bell from Georgia, who is ringing up over 50 million views and counting with her quirky online presence. The mom of 7 (and grandma of 4) gets the entire family involved and her daughters are noted for being enthusiastic participants of her videos. Marie had initially launched her TikTok account in March 2020, as a way to combat the lockdown boredom. Little did she know that what had started out as a fun boredom buster would result in her going viral and becoming an internationally recognized dancing diva. 

This TikToking Mom has always had a passion for music and dance, so much so that she started her own dance studio in 2009, despite the pressure of the recession. Through hard work and determination she has managed to grow her studio and kept the beats coming for ten years. However, in 2019 when the tragedy of Covid-19 hit, Marie had been forced to close the doors to her dream. But this did not mean that she would let her dream die because even though that chapter had come to an end, her story would continue.

This is when Verun took to social media and Marie BustinMoves was born, she found a way to put a new spin on things and up the ante by reinventing her business. Which undoubtedly was the right move as she went viral after just 3 videos. The world saw a talent and spark in Marie that would allow her show to go on.

Her videos had gained so much of traction that she caught the attention of musician, Chubb Rock who was the artist that created the song ‘Treat em Right’ which Marie had choreographed her widely dueted moves to. In fact, Chubb Rock was so impressed by the hip-hop loving Marie that he had invited her to dance on stage with him. However, Chubb Rock is not the only celebrity that has acknowledged Marie’s moves, comedian and business woman, Sommore is one of Marie’s countless social media followers and Wayne Brady is one of the first celebs to duet Marie’s moves on TikTok.

What is Marie’s Next Move

Marie is in the process of releasing her next book titled, Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and Households. The book is an easy as 123 guide to organizing and growing finances whilst gaining a new money mindset. Where she draws from her expertise as an MBA Finance Acumen. The finance guru is also releasing a documentary that is based on her TikTok journey and will be released in December 2021. There are also more exciting plans which Marie cannot divulge just yet, but television appearances are one of them. According to Marie “it’s going to be a BustinMoves great time.” 

Final Thoughts 

TikTok might have been made popular by the Genz’ers but Boomers like Marie BustinMoves are teaching the kids a thing or two. Proving that even grandma’s can groove to the beat and move their feet. Verun Marie Moring tells a story of how hard work and determination will ensure success.