Methyl Bromide Market, 2022 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast

Methyl Bromide Market

Methyl bromide is a colourless gas that has a pleasant aroma. For the control of pests in soil, grain, and other agricultural products, it is used as a fumigant. Pests in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings are also managed with it.

The rising demand for fumigants and pesticides around the world can be linked to the expansion of the global methyl bromide market. Moreover, the global market for methyl bromide is expanding due to the rising demand for food and agricultural products. The market is dominated by 100% pure methyl bromide products in terms of type. This is because there is such a high need for these products in pesticides and other uses. However, the market for methyl bromide products with a 98% purity is also expanding quickly due to their use in fumigation applications. The market is divided into three groups based on application: fumigants, pesticides, and other. With a market share of more than 60%, fumigant methyl bromide dominates. This is because it is frequently utilised as a pesticide and

Due to its lower cost than methyl bromide, phosphonate chemicals like aluminium phosphide are frequently used in warehouses and by farmers in their storage sheds. The agrochemical industry is expected to grow quickly, which will increase demand. Phosphide is used to treat stored grains of food and processed foods, making it one of the markets with the fastest growth rates due to the rising outbreak of pests and insects in warehouses.

The growing demand for high-value crops on the global market is primarily responsible for the strong potential for agricultural fumigants in the fruits and vegetable segment. Additionally, ineffective implementation processes for storing such crops in warehouses and improper sanitary procedures are anticipated to fuel the growth of the agricultural fumigants market.

The market for agricultural fumigants is one of those with the fastest growing regional markets. The demand for agricultural fumigants in the area is anticipated to be impacted by the expansion of fumigant product options and growing knowledge of fumigation as a crop protection method. The damage brought on by different insect and pest species is getting worse and could potentially harm plant productivity. Additionally, as a result of increased warehousing facilities brought on by increased agricultural production, fumigant usage and demand have increased. Pre- and post-harvest pest and insect control is mandated by regulations in the agriculture, food safety, and packaging industries in nations like China and India.

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Global Methyl Bromide Market: Major Players
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Global Methyl Bromide Market: Types
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98% Purity

Global Methyl Bromide Market: Applications

In the market, 100% purity is a very rare and valuable commodity. Due to its distinctive qualities, which include a high flash point, a low vapour pressure, and zero water solubility, it does not have a substitute or equivalent in the market. Due to these reasons, 100% pure methyl bromide is highly sought-after for use in laboratories as well as for commercial applications like cleaning hydrocarbon-contaminated machinery and pipelines.

Fumigants, pesticides, and other uses for methyl bromide include the treatment of metals, water, and pharmaceuticals. Applying methyl bromide to agricultural products like grains, fruits, and vegetables to kill pests is the process known as fumigation. The food industry is the main application area for fumigation, and high purity methyl bromide is used there to preserve foods like cereals, grains, and seeds as well as dairy products like butter and cheese and a variety of processed foods like canned meat and beans and powdered milk.

In 2019, the Asia Pacific region held a volume share of over 40% of the global methyl bromide market. Due to strong product demand from numerous end-use industries, such as agriculture, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical, the region is anticipated to maintain its dominance over the forecast period. One of the world’s largest producers and consumers of methyl bromide is China. In addition, India’s rapid industrialization and rising foreign investment have increased agricultural product consumption and production capacities.