Metaverse stimulates a new round of technology innovation

AIGC significantly reduced the cost of Metaverse, WiMi entered the scale business

It is reported that through the construction of advanced universe technology and industrial systems, to promote the development of the universe industry, by 2025, the development of the industrial universe has achieved initial results, creating several typical applications, and forming several benchmark production lines, factories, and parks.

The meta-universe is recognized as the future industry for the integrated innovation and application of the new generation of information technology. The typical software and hardware products metaverse have been applied on a large scale, and several new businesses, new models, and new business forms have been formed in the fields of living consumption and public services.

The plan calls for strengthening the integrated innovation of key technologies. We will enhance the integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and virtual reality in the Metaverse, develop key basic software, and breakthrough high-end electronic components, enrich the supply of Metacom products, and build an industrial ecosystem for coordinated development.

Exciting Use of Metaverse for 2023 and Beyond

In addition, to support the development of the meta-universe, the Plan also defines five critical tasks, such as cultivating a three-dimensional interactive industrial meta-universe, creating immersive interactive digital life applications, and building a complete system of industrial support.

The Plan is the first special meta-universe document officially issued by the national ministries and commissions, which is of great significance to seize the opportunity to guide the high-quality development of the meta-universe industry. The release of this plan has undoubtedly injected new impetus into the development of the meta-universe industry.

Data show that at present, the metaverse market is developing very rapidly, and it is expected to reach 6.390.6 billion US dollars in 2030, with a growth rate of more than 50%, with great potential for future development. At the same time, in this context, the exploration and innovation of the meta-universe by various industries have also ushered in new opportunities.

WiMi Hologram Cloud: IP creation + multidimensional business momentum is strong

Undoubtedly, the development of the meta-universe has attracted much attention. Under the change of scientific and technological trends, it is reported that the “first share of the universe holographic AR” WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) deeply studies various underlying technologies of meta-universe, and opens the situation with the advantages of technological innovation. As a vital enterprise in the top echelon of the industry, WiMi Hologram Cloud continues to take the development of the industry to further explore the development of the universe in digital entertainment, digital advertising, autonomous driving, AIGC, and other sectors, and become an industry model for seeking a new bureau in the changing situation.

Over the years, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s exploration of hardware, software, content, and platforms has been favored by the industry, leading users to embrace incredible technology experiences. It is reported, that to support the metaverse entrance, virtual space scene application peace platform, WiMi Hologram Cloud to accelerate a new generation of XR head, naked eye 3D immersion display product development, at the same time support brain-computer interface technology, digital and virtual scene related platform, holographic communication metaverse high immersion scene of all kinds of products fall to the ground, let more people can be more comfortable enjoy immersive digital life.

Global Metaverse Market Unlocks $750 Billion Opportunity by 2030

Constantly integrating science and technology with humanity, releasing the infinite imagination of human beings, and upholding the gene of technology innovation, data show that WiMi Hologram Cloud currently has independent IP creation and operation business (including IP creation, content production event planning, etc.). According to data statistics, WiMi Hologram Cloud has more than 5,000 universe IPs. Through IP development and IP drainage, it can realize the accurate transformation of enterprise public domain and private domain traffic, directly or indirectly realize the commercial realization of universe IP value, forming diversified growth revenue sources, and enhancing the resilience and flexibility of WiMi Hologram Cloud business. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will continue to uphold the concept of innovative development and provide a more open and rich meta-cosmic ecology.

To sum up

It is generally believed that the industry needs industrial support. The industry is in the stage of rapid development, and its application scenarios are gradually expanding to many industries such as games, education, tourism, and social networking, as well as the market opportunities brought by the IP. It is believed that commercial value diversification is expected to be further realized in the future. After two years of “explosion”, from the initial “concept hot” to “universe”, now the universe to meet the policy catalysis, is ushered in the “rational” development after the tide receded. Wall Street agencies expect that the second half of 2023 will be the performance of the company’s concentrated release period.