Metaverse-related jobs jumped more than fourfold, enterprises compete in it successively


The latest data show that the metaverse-related jobs have soared more than fourfold, up to 3,339 people!

metaverse job vacancies have nearly quadrupled since last fall, according to hiring search engine Adzuna.

Last October, the number of “Metaverse” job vacancies was 697 when the market was still speculating about why Facebook’s parent company changed its name to Meta.

By February 2022, the number had soared to 3,339 people, up more than fourfold. In addition, the Crypto job vacancies also hit a record high last month, with 5,302 job vacancies.

Younger users’ interest in NFT and Metaverse has forced companies to expand their business and workforce.

Adzuna noted that the first metaverse recruitment on their platform dates back to April 2019.  Jobs related to virtual worlds have grown dramatically in recent months as more marketing budgets are committed to building economic development points in the VR environment.

James Neave, data director at Adzuna, said: ” metaverse experts are a new hot topic, ranging from developers to data scientists, writers, and creatives. This is a new job growth point since the explosion of encryption and cybersecurity in 2021, and we will continue to see the technology industry grow and strengthen over this period.”








The field of the metaverse

In the technology research and development track, there are virtual reality, artificial intelligence, GPU (visual processing chip), Internet of Things, blockchain / NFT, and so on.

In the intelligent computing power circuit, intelligent computing power mainly based on GPU is the key, and the development of metaverse will accelerate the world into the era of intelligent computing power.

On the scene application track, the metaverse era will produce rich application scenarios such as life, work, and urban governance combining virtual and reality.

In the digital asset track, as there will be a large number of animation characters, artworks, all kinds of IP, and other digital assets in the metaverse, digital assets will become an important part of the world’s assets and value.










Cut-throat competition

Meta (FB) has developed plans to introduce virtual currencies, tokens, and lending services in its applications. Meta financial Technologies, Facebook’s financial arm, has been exploring creating a virtual currency for the company, known internally as “Zack coins,” according to several people familiar with the matter. Meta tends to introduce in-app tokens, centrally controlled by the company, similar to the tokens used in gaming applications. The company has recently tried to find other sources of revenue and support e-commerce on the platform, diving into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Recently, MetaEngine will fully support Nvidia (NVDA) Omniverse to better enable the creation and operation of the metaverse. To meet the metaverse development of a series of demanding requirements. At Nvidia’s GTC, Nvidia launched Omniverse Cloud, a cloud service that allows artists, creators, designers, and developers to have instant access to the Omniverse platform, allowing billions of devices to collaborate and simulate the 3D design.

Microsoft (MSFT) has released the latest achievements of quantum computing, exploring and developing topological quantum computers, and has developed construction modules of topological qubits, which can generate topological phases and measure topological gaps. These technological breakthroughs are conducive to realizing topological computing and lay the foundation for the development of topological quantum computers.

Qualcomm (QCOM) aims to strengthen its snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform to help manufacturers design light and stylish head glasses for everyday consumption, factory production, business operations, education, and healthcare. It’s Salvatori (Enrico Salvatori) said: ” The opportunities of XR are huge, coupled with Europe’s rich research and development resources and leading position in XR, we believe that this laboratory can make a great contribution to the global popularization and development of XR technology.”

Us software giant Adobe (ADBE) announced at its recent Adobe 2022 summit a new metaverse tool with updated VR / AR toolkits for Substance 3D and Aero. Adobe revealed that the company will launch Modeler, a beta tool for Substance 3D, which will make it easier to create 3D images and share them.

Tim Cook of Apple (AAPL) changed his view on metaverse, saying that ” metaverse is a very interesting area. Apple will have 14,000 ARKit apps on the App Store, and they now offer an incredible AR experience for millions of people. Mr. Cook publicly says he sees a lot of potential in this area and is investing accordingly. Before Cook did, he had avoided metaverse and answered with “AR”. Now talking about metaverse publicly, it seems that Cook is going to enter a new field in XR (VR / AR / MR) and metaverse, and not be abandoned by The Times.

The giants to grab metaverse, have to mention the current momentum of metaverse holographic AR company WIMI Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI), WIMI for metaverse, essentially determined by its business layout, the company as the world’s leading holographic AR technology enterprise, its metaverse is mainly based on VR / AR technology, simply understand, VR / AR as an important underlying technical support, in the user immersion, and creator content value guarantee plays an important role. On the one hand, WIMI firmly grasped AR as the core when entering the metaverse. At first, WIMI AR was mainly used in advertising, but with the rise of the metaverse, AR was found to be suitable for large-scale immersive entertainment and entertainment experiences, so the combination of AR and metaverse soon became the darling of the market. And WIMI has naturally gained hegemony in this field.

Metaverse has attracted wide global attention and becomes a hot concept in the industry, venture capital, and cultural circles. This concept and its representative imagination of the new order and the new lifestyle under a series of new technological conditions have aroused great social responsibility. These will involve all aspects of human life, and therefore the metaverse and the Internet have the same importance, will bring huge development opportunities to the economy and society, and have a significant impact on the three different levels of macro society, meso industry, and micro individual.