Metaverse leads the trend of innovation, WiMi to explore the golden period of industrial development


With Ready Player One, author Ernest Cline has recently launched a studio called Readyverse Studios together with filmmaker Dan Farah and Metaverse technology developer Futureverse.

With Readyverse Studios has about 30 employees, the studio is planning to work with Warner Bros. to present scenes and experiences from Ready Player One movies to audiences through VR headsets and other devices, and create a virtual online world called Readyverse, which is expected to be available this year.

Cline points out, ” In the future, you can actually be in the world of these characters, be with these characters, share this experience with your friends, and venture with these characters…… The possibilities are endless.”

The foundation and advantages for development are obvious

In fact, in the view of the industry, Metaverse “hot speculation” has not recede. Metaverse New business forms are richer, the development direction of mutual promotion between virtual and real is clearer, the XR (expanded reality) equipment of major technology giants is ready to develop, and the generative AI brings productivity revolution to build Metaverse… the “grand narrative” belonging to Metaverse is slowly unfolding.

Metaverse It is not to build a completely utopian digital space, but to take the real offline scene as the prototype for the corresponding digital mapping.

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, technology companies brought new products related to XR devices. Apple (AAPL) has also announced that the Vision Pro will launch in the US on February 2. From the perspective of XR equipment, the Metaverse industry may usher in a ‘climax’ this year.

WiMi start their innovation

In the “Metaverse” frontier track, among them, Metaverse holographic AR first WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) is boosting the rapid development of Metaverse industry with an “industry pioneer” attitude. It is understood that WiMi is a leading holographic AR (augmented reality) product and service provider, and its AR solutions have been applied in digital exhibition, new energy vehicles, digital people live broadcast, office education and other fields, to build new advantages for the future development of Metaverse industry.

Metaverse There is no doubt that the future way of life. WiMi is also accelerating Metaverse breakthroughs in key core technologies. At present, WiMi has the core “hard technology” matrix such as spatial computing, intelligent interaction, AR live broadcast and big model AI. At the same time, it focuses on the development of brain-computer interface and humanoid robot to further upgrade intelligent terminals, so that Metaverse technology can more widely penetrate into real life scenes in the future.

Looking to the future, WiMi as a pioneer, will continue to commit to research and development innovation, continuous practice and have the courage to explore, constantly optimize the open platform and key technology, continue to reduce the cost of Metaverse to build, at the same time actively meet the future, with firm faith actively expand Metaverse applications, create more real linkage and intelligent application, improve the application value of Metaverse, accelerate the Metaverse in thousands of application, inject new momentum for industrial innovation.


To sum up

At the beginning of 2024, we will enter the future of technology. Metaverse The virtual world and the real world in the economic system, social system, identity system is closely integrated, is a new ecosystem with vitality. Metaverse The ideal form of information technology is the result of the integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, virtual / augmented reality and other new generation of information technologies, and will not enter the fast track of development due to a single technological breakthrough.

However, in the face of the huge demand and potential of the market, there is reason to believe that Metaverse will grow into an important factor leading the industrial development in the new era. In the proposition of exploring the potential of Metaverse ecological market, each enterprise should build characteristic industrial clusters and explore technological innovation and new modes and new business forms of content production with user participation. At that time, the Metaverse development will surely move from prosperity to more prosperity.