‘Metaverse’ hype fuels booming digital property market

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The idea of spending millions on non-existent land may sound ludicrous — but feverish predictions of a virtual reality future are pushing investors to bet big on digital real estate. This week, New York-based company Republic Realm announced it had spent a record-breaking $4.3 million on digital land through The Sandbox, one of several “virtual world” websites where people can socialise, play games and even attend concerts. That came hot on the heels of a $2.4-million land purchase in late November on a rival platform, Decentraland, by Canadian crypto company Tokens.com. And days before that,…

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Space debris ‘event’ forces ISS crew to take evasive action

Published by AFP Washington (AFP) – The United States said Monday it was investigating a “debris-generating event in outer space” after astronauts on the International Space Station were forced to prepare for a possible evacuation. The incident came amid unconfirmed reports that Russia had carried out an anti-satellite weapon (ASAT) test — rare show-of-force demonstrations

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[Guide] Best FARA 83 Loadout in Warzone Pacific Season 1

Published by Inven Global The FARA 83 remains a solid long range option in Warzone Pacific, after several successful Warzone seasons in a row. The latest meta built for the FARA 83 essentially eliminates the recoil on this weapon, making it a devastating gun to use for long-range and short-range encounters alike. Here are all

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Where to find old and new holiday TV favorites

Published by Tribune News Service With those last-minute gifts to score and the kids crawling the walls it’s a relief to know that television is flying to the rescue. With scores of Christmas specials — and not just for the kiddies — the tube can ease the burden of gift wrapping, coupon counting, and devising

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Gelatin Capsule Market 2021: Industry Size, Growth Opportunities, Driving Factors by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Development, Competition Situation, Revenue, Trends and Forecast to 2026

“Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.” Global “Gelatin Capsule Market” research Report Provides In-depth details regarding the market dynamics and essential aspects of the market. the main factors that are expected to be driving the load loss and weight management market are increasing obese population, increasing number

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A workforce program delivers more recruits to Philly Shipyard

Published by The Philadelphia Inquirer PHILADELPHIA — Ever since he got his first set of Legos, Muhammad Tumaini has loved construction. He took welding classes at Benjamin Franklin High School. And when he visited the Navy Yard complex with a mentor, seeing a ship in dry dock at Philly Shipyard gave him a sense of

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