Working towards change: Top mentors and thought leaders shaping entrepreneurial understanding

Today, there are millions of entrepreneurs looking for new and innovative ways to enhance and modernize traditional forms of business. This year will be no different than the previous, with a massive move towards digitalization of workspaces and remote offices becoming more apparent – to stay ahead of the current, you will need to listen and learn from those who have succeeded but have yet conquered their respective industries. 

Although software savvy and technologically advanced industries are dominating the jobs market, we listened to what some of the leading mentors working towards the betterment of society, the environment, and personal growth had to say about their ventures.

Dinesh Tadpalli – founder of incrEDIBLE 

Dinesh a massive leap, selling his house to start incrEDIBLE, one of the world’s first companies to mass-produce edible cutlery. As a young entrepreneur who’s looking to bring big change to humanity’s impact on the environment, Tadpalli will be helping to reduce the use of nearly 100 million plastic utensils used daily in the US alone.

Cami Tellez – co-founder of Parade

The boutique and luxury underwear industry is estimated to be worth more than $325 billion by 2025, and Tellez took this opportunity to challenge the industry and bring to life – Parade. Parade is now one of the market’s most progressive underwear companies, looking to be more fun, relaxed and realistic. Tellez has shared on multiple occasions that it’s important for young entrepreneurs and new start-up owners to always stay true to themselves. Today, Parade has brought in more than $10 million, but by diversifying its offering and networking, Tellez and her brand are soon to become a global contributor to the industry.

Guruji Shrii Arnav – founder of Gemstoneuniverse

As a critically acclaimed spiritual Guru, Astro Gemologist, author, thought leader, mentor, and founder of, Guruji Shrii Arnav has become accustomed to redefining planetary gem therapy. Despite the economic toil brought about by COVID-19, still received a 35% increase in demand, and as Guruji Shrii Arnav heads into 2021 – he has noticed the trend to continue.

As generations shift their interest and look towards less westernized, and the curiosity for more traditional therapy grow, Guruji Shrii Arnav has mentioned that, ‘Real Precious Gemstones have fascinated mankind for eons and man’s spirit of adventure & courage ensured that the Colored Gemstone business remains relevant and robust despite it being a high-risk business.’ Interested buyers and followers of this practice have equipped themselves to buy gemstones online from trusted and authentically established retailers. Since 1996 his quest for excellence has ensured that Gemstoneuniverse remains at the apex of the Gem industry by offering the best quality natural gemstones and embracing the latest in technology.

Nick Molnar – co-founder of Afterpay

Although Afterpay has only recently entered the US market, the lay-buy platform has made massive strides throughout 2020. Yet, as many try to recuperate from the devastating economic downturns, Afterpay and Molnar share how the future of investment and business will rapidly keep changing over the next few years. Molnar, in the past, mentioned that listening what the needs of the company and its members were helped him to rapidly expand Afterpay in a short amount of time. 

Jonny Crowder – founder of Cope Notes

Market demand and trends are constantly changing, and as younger generations are becoming more relaxed to share and raise awareness around mental health – Jonny Crowder found Cope Notes, a company that sends daily mental health support text messages. The idea came about after Crowder found himself on the brink of suicide, and today Cope Notes are helping thousands of people struggling with mental health problems, anxiety, stress, and anger. Crowder is an advocate for mental health awareness and shares that it’s important to remember why you are doing what you’re doing.

Alexandre Koiransky – founder of FAIR

Fairtrade, sustainability, and making a meaningful impact is what most entrepreneurs are after this year. Koiransky has built a close network of farmers from communities in mostly South America and Africa, looking for ways to uplift local economies and sustainable ways of living within these areas. Today, Koiransky has pushed to ensure that when a Fairtrade certified item is purchased, that all the necessary payments and proceeds go to those working on the farms, mills, and factories. FAIR is creating a sustainable economic and environmental system to ensure responsible development.