Meeting the challenges of a recuperating travel industry

Since early 2020, travel brands have faced some new challenges because of the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. People around the globe have changed how they work, spend, and most importantly how they travel. 

As the travel industry tries to recover momentum, what is going to take precedent is a more managed customer experience for travelers. Whether traveling locally or abroad, traveler post-booking experiences are largely ignored, and according to the newcomers on the block, Trip360, this means that 80% of their wallet share remains uncapitalized. 

Signs of recovery by mid 2021

The signs that the travel industry is ready to make a comeback are flashing hard. But, travel companies and those offering other services to travelers need to make sure they offer to the point services and memorable experiences.

As the vaccines against COVID-19 are rolled out, it is expected that confidence among travelers will increase, spurring an industry recovery. Many believe that by the end of 2021, it will be close to pre-pandemic levels again. 

“KKday raises $75M, RVShare raises $100M, CuddlyNest raises $6M,  Journera raises $11M, Limehome raises €31M, Casai raises $48M, and many more”

Investors understand that the industry is changing and new solutions and technologies are urgently needed to support the new customer needs and countries regulations and policies.
In the past few months alone, travel tech startup companies were heavily invested in with the investors’ understanding that the industry will recover fast to its pre-pandemic levels. 

Creating benefits for the travel industry

Travelers are looking for new travel experiences, and AI-Powered technology that can help restore traveler confidence and loyalty is now available. Trip360 is an exciting new startup in the tech travel industry. The AI-powered destination experience platform enables brands to create data-driven and seamless customer journeys with their white label solutions.

Through it, the various players in the industry can build a stronger travel ecosystem, creating partnerships with zero investment. At this point, the startup is raising seed funds to officially launch in the second quarter of 2021.

AI algorithms match travelers’ expectations to create personalized journeys with trips tailored to their preferences. These also maximize the ROI of the bundle providers. The result is an increased demand for the services, experiences, and tours provided. 

The creators of the platform have decades of industry and digital marketing experience. They understand travelers have an appetite for innovative travel experiences, and this is driven by the shared experiences of others on social media.

 However, they know travelers also expect support before, during, and after a trip, something which has largely been missing in the industry. Customer support includes expert advice, support; and accurate and reliable real-time information and safety alerts. 

“Travel brands have placed most of their emphasis on customer acquisitions,” says Avi Amar, CEO of Trip360, “but they need to offer travelers far more if they want an infusion of new revenue sources.” He adds, “At Trip 360, we are offering travel providers with partnership opportunities and a chance to leverage the customer experience.” 

The team at Trip 360 has the technology and knowledge allowing for easy implementation and integration that usually takes less than a few days. For players in the travel industry, this means fast and easy access to increased loyalty and customer confidence. It also means a significant new revenue stream for them. 

Major content providers brands have already partnered with Trip360, promising exciting personalized experiences for travelers. These brands include, Trip Adviser’s subsidiary Viator,,, and many more. 

The travel industry needs innovative thinkers right now. Trip360 is providing a valuable service and has already successfully passed its MVP period before the pandemic. The startup managed to generate over $1 million in less than a year.