Maui Pumping Recommends Homeowners Schedule Septic and Cesspool Maintenance Appointments

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Many of the homes currently standing in Maui county are built with on-site waste disposal systems like septic tanks and cesspools. Homeowners who have on-site waste disposal systems connected to their homes should already be aware of the need for regular pumping and other forms of maintenance. Regular septic pumping and cesspool pumping is one of the most important elements of maintaining an on-site waste management system. When septic tanks and cesspools are not pumped on time, an affected home can experience several adverse effects, including slow drains, foul odors from faucets and even sewage backup.

Maui Pumping, a Wailuku-based septic service company, recommends all homeowners on the island schedule their septic or cesspool pumping appointments long in advance. This is not only recommended to prevent septic systems and cesspools from filling up, but also to ensure prompt service during times when pumping services are in higher or sudden demand.

Pumping services can come in higher demand during or following holiday seasons when homeowners invite many guests to their homes, increasing the rate of use of the septic system or cesspool. Sudden changes in demand for septic services often correspond to rain storms and other conditions which can cause septic systems and cesspools to fill up prematurely.

Although most septic systems and cesspools are built to accommodate a home’s water and sanitation uses for around three years at a time, changes in household size and other factors can reduce or increase the amount of time a homeowner can wait between septic pumping or cesspool pumping. Although the company generally recommends homeowners space pumping appointments three years apart, septic systems that show signs of filling up should be pumped right away.

If an on-site waste disposal system requires more frequent pumping, other maintenance may be necessary. Homeowners can also schedule inspections, so a septic service worker can diagnose other problems like cracks in septic tanks or cesspool walls, damaged components or broken pipes. Septic systems are more complex than cesspools, since more components are involved, meaning older septic systems could have a wider variety of maintenance needs that arise more frequently than cesspools.

During adverse septic system or cesspool events, homeowners should prioritize addressing the problems by calling a local septic pumping company like Maui Pumping to avoid damage to the home and other systems within the home. Since these events can happen at any time of day, even during times when septic service workers are already servicing other areas, Maui Pumping recommends all homeowners with on-site waste systems schedule their pumping appointments and the end of a previous pumping appointment, or as soon as possible. This way, the company can better prepare and deliver expedient service without the pressures of an emergency situation.

Maui Pumping can schedule appointments several years into the future for septic pumping, cesspool pumping, septic treatment, grease trap pumping, cesspool rehabilitation and septic maintenance. The company services the entire island of Maui. Homeowners may also be recommended by service professionals to schedule a variety of services throughout a span of time to ensure the efficient operation of a waste management system. These recommendations are made by service providers on-site upon review of the system’s conditions and state of use.

Maui Pumping is available to contact over the phone at 808-871-7867. This phone number can be called twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Homeowners who may prefer not to schedule an appointment over the phone can also use the online scheduling service on the company website. The online scheduling tool allows homeowners to specify the type of service they want, and some space to type out a message. Online scheduling requires a customer name, a phone number and an email address in order to schedule an appointment. The company is located at 850 Kolu Street, Suite A2, Wailuku, Hawaii, 96793.