Martin Pierce Hardware Announces New Custom Door and Cabinet Range

Martin Pierce Hardware

Recently, Martin Pierce Hardware announced two exciting additions to its Orchid door and cabinet hardware range. The impressively ornate interconnected sprays of the Stem Orchid and the stunning Large Orchid join the other exquisite items found in the custom door hardware collection of the artist Martin Pierce.

Cabinet and Door Hardware Through the Ages

Door handles have a long history, dating back to about 3,000 BC. Homes at the time had no internal doors, and people locked their exterior doors with a wooden bar at the back. The Egyptians were the first to develop a wooden lock with a two feet long key that acted as the door handle as it slid the locking bolt to open or lock the door.

In the early 1700s, blacksmiths created practical knobs for furniture from iron. With the industrial revolution, cabinet hardware started to take on more than a functional role.

As you see, initially, the primary function of door handles and cabinet knobs was functional, meant only for opening cabinets and doors. However, by the 1700s, they also started serving a decorative purpose.

Today, door and cabinet hardware styles range from traditional to ornate, and the ones you prefer will depend on your overall home design or personality. Whether you aim for a classic, rustic, contemporary, or distinctive, you can find door handles and cabinet knobs that will leave a lasting impression.

Martin Pierce Hardware’s custom architectural door and cabinet hardware collection goes beyond function. The closest attention to detail in their design and production helps add character and personality to any space, from the entrance to the smallest cabinet door.

Creating Door Handles That Leave a Lasting Impression

In the Martin Pierce Hardware range, you can expect to find the uniquely crafted luxurious door and cabinet handles to create the spaces of your dreams. Whether your project is commercial or personal, you will find the design that you aspire to, thanks to the inspiration drawn by Martin Pierce from nature.

“We announce our two new products into our Orchid Range to meet the needs of our clients who want meaningful door and cabinet handles for their home that expresses their individuality,” says Anne Pierce, wife of artist Martin Pierce. She continues, “The 6’ custom length interconnected orchid sprays of the Stem Orchid is an exquisite sculpture designed especially for an impressive display on a large cabinet. On the other hand, the Orchid Collection was missing a bold statement for interior doors and large cabinets, leading to the creation of the gorgeous 7’ Large Orchid.”

Large Orchid
Copyright: Martin Pierce Hardware

Consumers demand more comfort in their homes and workspaces; visual luxury adds to their convenience. As a result, they have changed how they shop, moving away from consumerism and brand recognition, preferring long-term aesthetic pleasure that leaves a lasting impression.

Martin Pierce Design Inspirations

Martin and Anne Pierce hail from England, coming to Los Angeles in 1980. Martin is an artist and sculptor who works in various mediums, primarily drawing his inspiration from nature, Antoni Gaudi, and Emile Galle.

When he started his business in Los Angeles, he began making customized furniture pieces for which he struggled to find suitable custom cabinet hardware. As a result, their collections of elegant door handles and cabinet knobs are each exquisite, all made in the ancient wax casting method that ensures no two pieces are the same.

Not only are the handles and knobs made locally, but the materials are also sourced from the area. The collections come in light or dark bronze finishes, brushed nickel, stainless steel, and a hot patina finish.

The contemporary Morphic and Ergo collections of handles and knobs meet the needs of those wanting modern, clean lines in their spaces. However, the intrinsic miniature sculptures of their nature-inspired ranges, including the Netsuke, Willow, and Orchid, make it challenging to decide on the best. Let your taste and space dictate which one you prefer!

Final Take

Whether for home or commercial use, the luxurious touch of Martin Pierce’s artistic approach to cabinet and door handles remains memorable. Adding the Large Orchid and Stem Orchid enhances an already spectacular range.

Besides its bespoke hardware designs, Martin Pierce Hardware has a collection of attractive lighting, unique furniture pieces, and the artist’s exciting style of paintings or sculptures. Primarily focused on Martin’s imaginative depiction of insects, these tell a story that has not yet concluded in the fictional space of the artist’s imagination of these “humanoids and their insect companions.”