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Marko Stout – the artist that defies a label

Even though many consider Marko Stout to be a pop artist, this contemporary American artist defies any label and produces a style that has no limitations and places him in a realm of his own. Internationally acclaimed, he is often compared to Andy Warhol or Jeff Koons, and the premiere of his latest exhibition, Erotic Allure Volume 3, attracted attention from art lovers and celebrities who rubbed shoulders as they indulged his ability to offer expression that transforms with its realism.

Everyone present at the opening felt instantly lifted from their comfort zone as their vision was transported into a world of exploration and erotica. They also got the chance to mix with other NYC artists, collectors, dealers and Stout’s inspiring models in the flesh.

Stout has explored all the media available to him, creating some inspirational pieces that excite the senses. These include film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, new media, and his trademark metal urban prints.  His use of vibrant colors flawlessly depicts New York’s modern urban lifestyle.

His metal paintings are inspired by photographs of models, and he integrates digital tech to achieve masterpieces that match the perfection of the real thing. These modern art pieces look vibrant as they are impregnated with aerospace grade aluminum.

Based in Manhattan, Marko Stout has held exhibitions at some of the best international galleries and museums have created a buzz that continues to grow. His commitment to the promotion of innovative avant-garde art led to him founding the International Apple Film Festival in 2015, where filmmakers from NYC, across the country and around the world can have their work showcased.

Charlie Sheen, Katie Holmes, The Kardashians, Billie Eilish and Caitlyn Jenner are but a few of the celebrities that have declared that they are huge fans of Marko Stout’s work. “Marko Stout is amaze-balls! I’m a huge fan!”, are the very words uttered by Carson Kressley from Judge of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Queer Eye for Straight Guy.

The artist whose paintings offer inspiration to other celebrities continues to produce unique artwork, and his own personal style allows him to be instantly recognized at events. Dressed in black with vintage sunglasses, Stout’s unusual hats have become his trademark style.

Stout’s unconventional path to art started when he decided to “see the world” by traveling through America and Europe. This was just after completing his first year at college. He returned to his college studies with little money, but with many rich experiences under his belt. Upon completing his studies in medicine, he completed his orthopedic training in New York, but his creative drive was fighting to be unleashed, causing him to flee to San Francisco.

The idyllic life on a houseboat in the bohemian setting of Sausalito brought him into contact with writers, artists, and gallery owners. There were many inspiring discussions about philosophy, literature, music and art, shared around the dinner table with good local wine and some weed. These would often last into the early hours of the morning, but for Marko, New York was calling and he could not resist.

Initially, his passion kept him going and from the moment he arrived in New York, he became part of the downtown art scene. He can now choose which gallery he wants to exhibit in, but at the beginning he would take his early prints and sketches door-to-door to group shows and galleries. These conservative places were usually reluctant to exhibit his provocative and modern style, but New Yorkers are open-minded and as he sold work and his fame grew, some of these establishments started calling him themselves. He continues to believe that the expression of art need not conform and that artists should be free to work on what they are most passionate about. He is adamant that artists should not change their art and that eventually the world comes around to an art style.

His restless spirit does not allow Marko to be still for long, and he has exhibited his work in major cities across Europe and Asia. As time passes, Stout’s work earns him more fans and is undoubtedly getting even better. Not one to keep a low profile, the rebel artist can often be spotted at New York city events and in some of the hottest clubs. Since 2018, his fans have also been able to share his unique style with the release of his terrific line of casual urban clothing named “Urban Tribe”. There is no stopping Stout and his creative explosions; he remains a true artist, meeting our every creative demand of our senses.


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