MammaRosa Ipsos Corfu Featured As Worst Italian Restaurant In Greece Thanks To Abusive Cursing Owner

Greece earned a lot of attention in the summer of 2022 with record tourist numbers particularly from the United States. Yet tourists, from the most to the least sophisticated, made their voices heard. Standing out as the worst example in Greece, is a little Italian outfit in one of the poorer areas of Corfu.

“Mamma Rosa” served a client his orange juice in a dirty glass and tried ignoring his request to remedy their actions. After the client refused to drink from a dirty glass with red smudge marks on it, they brought him a replacement drink and slammed it on the table. The customer was not having this either and asked the waiter why on earth would he slam his glass like that – the waiter who seemed high on something, said: “I am the owner, get the F out or I call the cops”. The customer called his bluff and dared him to call the cops.

The fact that one of the swearing and abusive bouts happened to a table where a 12 year old child was present, shows just how third world this restaurant in Greece is – which begs the question as to why this Italian family can be allowed to continue their trade so freely.

A little digging on Mamma Rosa reviews revealed an equally disturbing picture from other clients, ranging from poor hygiene, to rude and offensive behavior and Pizza’s & Tomatoes tasting like rubber. Overall, this restaurant seems to take the cake in Greece for both rude and unclean treatment – with some reviewers saying that it almost seems like a “front restaurant” for some other activity, as they cannot imagine people earning their living by treating other humans so poorly.

Other close contenders for the worst restaurant in Greece:

DK Oyster in Mykonos – according to client reviews, is behaving like an extortion racket where they con customers into high prices by making it unclear on purpose, and then surround them with big strong men to intimidate them until they pay. Goodness knows why Mykonos police is allowing this to persist – because Greece is not known for having police corruption: on the contrary, the Greek police is very ethical helpful. The media claims that there is no improvement as yet another couple got scammed by DK Oyster. Yet Greek newspapers attempted to bail the owner out: The owner of the now infamous DK Oyster in Mykonos Dimitrios Kalamaras, has come out swinging reports the New York Post citing an interview he gave to Kennedy News.

According to local news outlets, the auditing services of the Ministry of Tourism made a big deal about the DK Oyster bar in Mykonos, the restaurant with the “golden crab legs” that bit two American tourists, charging them €600 for two drinks and a portion of crab legs.

The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, had instructed the Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency to proceed with a thorough investigation into the incident. During the investigation of the company’s books, 7-8 violations were found, resulting in a fine of €31,000.

Ithaki restaurant and bar could not be in a better location – yet the reception staff set an unwelcome aggressive tone from the start, typical of what one would have expected from a Miami white powder abuse outfit where people are high and detached. Failing to write own customer numbers when they call, they often ridicule customers and pretend they never booked, making the customers seem like liars. What could have been a great restaurant in Vouliagmeni, is ruined by the low-life behavior of the reception staff.

Greece is also a country full of great restaurants – some of the best you will find in Europe. Do not give up if you had a bad experience by scammers and abusive personalities. We hope that the ministry of tourism will take due cognizance and hold to account those who are trying their best to trash and tarnish brand Greece.