Male Grooming Market Trends Analysis

Male Grooming Market

The market for male grooming products is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.93% from 2022 to 2027. We are regularly tracking and assessing the direct as well as the indirect impact of the pandemic while keeping in mind the COVID-19 uncertainties. These observations are cited in the study as a significant market contributor.

Men’s grooming supplies include haircare, skincare, and shaving items that are used to improve physical appearance and uphold personal cleanliness. They include of moisturisers, deodorants, aftershave, cologne, deodorants, anti-aging and shaving creams, shampoos, serums, lip balm, and lotions. They remove dead skin cells, grime, and oil, encourage cell regeneration, and revitalise skin and hair. They assist in preventing skin damage from direct exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As a result, male grooming products are becoming more popular, particularly among India’s millennial population.

Due to men’s increasing awareness of beauty, there is a significant increase in the market for male grooming products globally. The demand for male grooming goods is also being driven by rising demand for toiletries and shaving products. Another important aspect driving market expansion is awareness of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Additionally, the availability of a huge selection of these products online is spurring an increase in demand. Additionally, the e-commerce platform offers a variety of discounts on these goods, which is driving online sales.

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Divisional Overview

Male grooming product sales are broken down into product categories and distribution methods. The market is divided into categories for skincare, haircare, and perfumes based on the products they contain. A high CAGR is anticipated in the skin care market. The demand is being driven by goods like body wash, moisturisers, and facewash. The burgeoning global e-commerce industry is responsible for the high CAGR predicted for the e-commerce segment based on distribution networks.

Market trends for products for male grooming:
One of the main elements favourably affecting the market in India is growing disposable income and raising people’s standards of living. The need for male grooming products in the nation is also being stimulated by men’s increased awareness of personal wellbeing and appearance. This is driving up demand for grooming goods, along with the swift growth of male and unisex salons across the nation. In addition, customers’ increased reliance on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as the rising network connectivity penetration, are fueling market expansion. In keeping with this, the demand for these products is being boosted by the growing importance of social media platforms and the recent trend of producing fitness content.

Global Male Grooming Market: Major Players
Natura Cosmeticos
Edgewell Personell Care Brands
Botica Comercial Farmaceutica

Global Male Grooming Market: Types
Male Toiletries
Electric Products
After Shave Lotions
Other Products

Global Male Grooming Market: Applications
Modern trade
Traditional trade

Additionally, the usage of natural, clean label, and organic product versions is being encouraged by consumers’ growing awareness of the negative consequences of chemical compounds utilised in the formulation of grooming products. Leading players are also concentrating on marketing strategies and promotional activities through celebrity endorsements, paid television (TV) adverts, and billboards on the side of the road. The growth of the e-commerce sector, which offers enticing prices, safe payment options, and free doorstep delivery, is also boosting the market. Additionally, the country’s organised retail channels, such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores, are expanding.

Product Information
With a 45.6% sales share in 2021, the skin care products segment dominated the men’s personal care market. Over the forecast period, the segment is anticipated to continue to rule. A rise in product introductions in the men’s skin care market has contributed to the expanding use of items like creams, face wash, and serums. For instance, Vivalui introduced skin cleansers in December 2021 for men with skin issues like oily skin, dull, dry skin, redness, and irritation. In the United States, the average male spends about USD 244 each month on skin care products, with facial moisturisers accounting for the majority of the money spent, according to a Byrdie story from May 2020. the expanding