Maestro Development CEO Nareg Mouardain Talks Construction Market – Ticker News

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Nareg Mouradian of Maestro Development recently spoke with Mike Loader on Ticker News about the current state of the United States construction Market. Currently the US market is facing challenges with Supply being Limited, yet demand is still high and Rising.

Nareg Mouradian is the CEO and founder of Maestro Development, a Southern

California development firm that specializes in construction management for multistory, healthcare, education, public agencies, and real estate industries. According to Mouradian, due to the pandemic and its economic consequences, the construction industry has been severely impacted.

Mouradian believes that supply is limited due to a variety of factors, including disruptions in the supply chain, material shortages, labor shortages, and restrictions on travel which have made it more difficult for companies to transport materials and personnel. He also notes that many contractors have had to reduce their staff in order to remain financially viable.

Despite these challenges, Mouradian believes that demand in the construction market is still high and will continue to rise as businesses try to keep up with consumer demand for new products and services.

Overall, Mouradian believes that while there are challenges facing the US Construction Market right now, there are still opportunities for growth if contractors remain flexible and focus on building relationships with their clients.