LoginRadius Ranks #1 Yet Again In the CIAM Space

LoginRadius was recently ranked the #1 provider in CIAM by Forrester Wave™ for their technology offerings. In their Q4, 2020 Consumer Identity and Access Management Report, Forrester evaluated the 13 most significant providers, and LoginRadius received the highest score of 4.0 out of 5.0 for their range of security and risk management options.

Understanding CIAM Rankings

Strong customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions enable enterprises to securely capture customer identity and profile data which can then be managed easily. Organizations can also control their customer access to services and applications and provide them with safe authentication.

In the report, authored by Andras Cser in partnership with Merritt Maxim and Benjamin Corey, Forrester Wave™ © 2020 Forrester Research, Inc found that LoginRadius offered the broadest technical capabilities of the providers evaluated. These included Microsoft, IBM, Okta, Auth0, ForgeRock, and PingIdentity.

The 32 criteria set by Forrester are aimed at making it easier for professionals to choose the best CIAM to match the needs of their organizations. According to the Wave evaluation, LoginRadius met these capabilities satisfactorily. The report praises their good migration services and their purpose-built consent management system that offers versatility and consent versioning. Their extensive support for email registrations and multiple brands and properties was also mentioned. The Forrester report doesn’t omit comments on the impressive compliance certifications on offer.

Importance of CIAM

CIAM allows companies to add seamless account creation and logins, authentication. “Cloud-first and forward-thinking enterprises continue to reflect their confidence in our offerings,” said Deepak Gupta, CTO, and co-founder of Login Radius. He continued, “Our innovative technology comes from us investing heavily in research and development. We have over 80 engineers working on developing CIAM technology, meeting the demands of organizations and their consumers.”

Most companies offer products with IAM solutions, but these lack the features that LoginRadius’s Customer IAM can provide, all on one platform.

LoginRadius offers and range of innovative products that include:


Creating a seamless customer experience that is also safe is vital, and authentication plays a vital role here. With LoginRadius, enterprises can offer simple methods to create accounts and sign in. These include passwordless logins, social logins, standard logins, phone logins, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA offers an extra visible layer of security.

Single Sign-on

Single sign-on solutions allow easy access across various applications. Federated SSO allows the ID provider to access third-party applications through third-party ID providers. Customers can also be given tiered access through easy role management. These tools make it easier for consumers to access various websites in real-time while enterprises ensure improved security and efficiency. Suspicious users can also be monitored and removed.

Managed Directory Services

LoginRadius offers fully managed data and identity services that allow organizations to fully understand their customers. Their services include cloud-based managed storage for secure and flexible management, rich customer profiling for increased ROI, and progressive profiling as customer trust is built.

Data can be accessed anytime and is governed by a list of securities and compliances that ensure safety for companies and consumers.

User Management

APIs enable enterprises to manage all the above and allow enterprises to offer complete user management, create new profiles, control registrations, and offer better customer insights and segmentation.

LoginRadius’s Vision

“Our exponential growth from a single login provider to becoming the leading CIAM provider globally is attributed to our vision,” according to CEO and cofounder, Rakesh Soni. He said, “We not only want to empower businesses with innovative products but also want to secure every person using the internet, from whatever device they prefer.”

The multifaceted provider started as a social login provider offering simple services. Today, it offers CIAM solutions with numerous suites of modules to match the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Microsoft is one of the investors in LoginRadius and is also its major technology partner. Their other backers include ForgePoint, Accelerate Fund, BDC, and Yaletown.

LoginRadius is a global company that offers open-source SDKs, pre-designed login interfaces that are customizable, and over 150 third-party applications. Over 3,000 clients offer over 1 billion users services powered by them.

With headquarters in San Francisco, LoginRadius has a presence in over 40 countries. Besides their recent #1 ranking, LoginRadius was also named CIAM leader in 2019 by KuppingerCole and is Gartner’s key vendor.

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