Large Economic and Investment Outlook at The Abrahamic Business Circle Investment Summit

This March 29, the in-person event will be in the city of Dubai at 9:00 a.m.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 23, 2022 — The Great Investment Summit, LET MONEY TALK – March 2022 Edition, will have its event in person in Dubai at 8:30 a.m. The appointment will be accompanied by H.E. Mustapha Bojang, Ambassador of Gambia, H.E. F. Houmard, President of the Global Union, Dr. Anwar Hamim, General Manager of UAE Higher Innovation Center.

For more than one year, The Abrahamic Business Circle has stood out and consolidated as the scenario par excellence to discuss and analyze the different investment sectors, giving rise to collective construction with business people from various sectors, in order to draw a large map of the situation that outlines the 2022 roadmap.

After confinement, a year begins with several challenges, especially from reactivation, investment, the economy, and several challenges to overcome. Thus, this space becomes more relevant, which is why The Abrahamic Business Circle have designed a cycle of forums in the city of Dubai that will bring together representatives of the different countries and various sectors in order to provide diverse perspectives and points of view, which guarantee and enrich a valuable economic and investment panorama for the audiences.

The Abrahamic Business Circle is one of the fastest-growing global networking organizations and aims to present an innovative Global Entrepreneurial Dialogue forum to stimulate business.

Founded by Dr. Raphael Nagel, the organization comprises high-level individuals who share the same vision in promoting ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY through BUSINESS. The organization’s initiative will generate tremendous opportunities not only in cultural but also in economic exchanges.

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