“La Pregunta,” a new song launch by JO el Cambio

"La Pregunta," a new song launch by JO el Cambio

A new piece of music, “La Pregunta,” joins the album “Vive el Amor” integrated into a series of songs and melodies.

Jonathan Patiño, better known as Jo el Cambio provides the music industry with new songs and melodies through which the songwriter portrays situations of life and love, leaving a space for reflection. In this song, the protagonist looks for answers within the mind and in the world outside. He expresses who the singer believes is the love of his life. 

The song will be released on September 26 on all platforms; make sure to follow Jo on Jo el Cambio – YouTube.

The songwriter surprises the audience with a piece that fuses reggaeton, pop ballad, guitar, and piano chords. The main idea behind the lyrics is that the protagonist seeks a way to express love and feelings to their significant other but doesn’t know how. So the singer must find a way to make the other belief in the protagonist’s love and the willingness to be the guardian in every moment.

Jonathan Patiño says this while explaining that there are also people who find it hard to believe in the sincere feelings of the other,

“Sometimes the purest feelings are for some the most difficult to express. That’s where you start asking yourself questions about how to face this situation for the first time in front of the person you feel you love.” 

“La Pregunta” is the lyrics to the song where the heart and mind work together to find love. The plot makes the protagonist turn his feelings and expectations come into existence and come closer to the loved one. The main character’s doubts are cleared, and all questions are answered, which leads to a closer step in the right direction. The theme continues by building scenarios that are part of reality and achievable, also some incredible moments with the partner.

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The song was written by Jo, composed and produced by Don Nocera, “La Pregunta,” with its catchy rhythm and lyrics full of romanticism. Urban Musical genres are usually the music added by Jo in his albums. Once released, the song will be available on all music platforms so that it can be enjoyed by everyone who wants meaningful lyrics and deep thoughts engraved in words.

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About Jonathan Patino

Jonathan Patiño (known as JO el Cambio) is a native of the city of Medellín – Colombia. Jo is currently living in the United States and dreamed of becoming a dictatorial artist from a very young age, intending to project upbeat music and instill values for youth. His motivation, hard work, and perseverance helped pave the way for the music industry in a particular way. Today, Jo is a composer, Scriptwriter of real-life stories in the style of short films. A sentimental disappointment in life is part of the lyrics as a way to express emotions.