K-Pop artist Shervonne talks about her long-awaited emergence as a solo artist

We caught up with Shervonne Brown for an interview that fans will love. This incredible artist has been taking giant musical steps since she was six. Fans of K-Pop know Shervonne from her YouTube channel and her fluent Korean renditions. She has been a member of the all-female group CoCo Avenue and she also co-founded the popular duo Double the Fire, with Todd Wheeler.

What we know about Shervonne Brown:

To date, Washington D.C born Shervonne has caused many ripples on the K-Pop music scene. Her fluency in Korean and Japanese continue to stun people who hear her sing for the first time, especially when they realize that she is African American and not Asian.

Shervonne’s achievements include winning the international K-Pop music video contest twice in a row in an event hosted by the Korean Cultural Center. She has also appeared on many televised events and on a Korean reality show.

Combined with tons of musical talent, Shervonne has a beautiful voice and stunning looks. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube and watch her brand new single “Coronavirus” go viral soon.

The release of her single was the right opportunity to chat about her past work and what other plans she has up her sleeve.  An amazingly grounded individual who puts in a lot of work, she will certainly continue to shine bright in the world of music.

This is your first solo single and it has come at a rather impromptu moment where not much is happening on the music scene. How did that come about?

Shervonne: During a short pause in my music career coincided with the COVID-19 outbreak. The inspiration for the music and lyrics of “Coronavirus” came to me during the quarantine. It started as a project to help me have fun and pass the time. I was feeling all kinds of emotions and knew that this is what everyone was feeling. Worry and concern about work, catching the virus, and paying the bills are genuine, but as humans, we can also laugh at our fears. This song is an outlet for us all. We can sing and dance to the lyrics as we understand and laugh at the fear of hearing someone sneeze or the fact that the toilet rolls disappeared from the supermarket.

Social post by Shervonne

Does “Coronavirus” also have a political meaning?

Shervonne: Not really. However, the virus has changed every part of our lives. It’s all over the news and daily we watch comments from reporters and public statements from our politicians. A few “tongue-in-cheek” political lyrics were called for here. I do feel that in the beginning, our government was in denial about how devastating the effects of COVID-19 could be, and this caused a lot of confusion.

 Where did you learn to speak Japanese and Korean?

Shervonne: At a very young age my father bought me a computer microphone and taught me how to use the Windows Voice Recorder. My first recordings were of me singing the theme songs of Anime TV shows and through exposure to these helped me pick up the languages fast. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even realize that there was anything different or unusual about it then, it just felt normal.

You must have surprised quite a few people with singing in Korean and Japanese?

Shervonne: The first time was when I sang a Japanese song in the cafeteria in elementary school. In high school, a Korean Disney song got me into the classical voice performing arts program. During an audition in New York for a Korean record label, I was the only non-Asian person there. Even though only Asians were eligible, I still wanted to try for the audition and sang a song by BoA. A judge jumped up in surprise as I started singing in Korean.

How easy was it to start a career and maintain it in K-Pop?

Shervonne: I believe it’s all about loving and respecting what you do. I love the K-Pop culture and I respect everything about it. This has allowed me to become involved with the Asian American community, their fundraisers, and organizations, and I have had much exposure here.

I have performed around the world and appeared on Korean reality TV and on the Korean television show “World Festival”. I have met so many Korean stars and the atmosphere is always phenomenal.

Finally, what other news would you like to share with your fans?

Shervonne: As I develop my solo career, I look forward to creating music from all the things that inspire me that I can share with them. Their enthusiasm is one of my greatest inspirations.

The artist hopes to become an international sensation one day that brings people of all cultural backgrounds together through music and breaking cultural barriers.

Suggested – Follow Shervonne here on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ShervonneFanPage

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/19Wku7wAeso9NsjzHw2uSm

Listen on Apple Music/Itunes  https://music.apple.com/us/album/coronavirus-single/1508883427

Compilation Reel youtube video showing 2013 content to 2020: https://youtu.be/skUT3pRI7Yo
Shervonne Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shervonnesanghee/



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