Jojo Tua’s Euphoria: His Journey from Commercials to HBO

Jojo Tua is quickly becoming a household name and there are certainly many reasons why. The young actor, dancer, and singer has gained popularity with his role on the television series Euphoria along with his other television credits.

The rising star has a huge fanbase on social media, with over 117,000 followers engaging in his everyday life on Instagram and Tik Tok. To the delight of his fanbase, The multi-talented young man just released two summer singles, Space Jam in August and Sommer Ray in June.

Where it all began
Jojo has been passionate about entertaining audiences since he was very young, and that passion has only grown as he has become a young adult.

You may remember his adorable face from television commercials and a short video that was made in 2015 called Tinaj Sports Academy. If you are a fan of alternative and short films, you would definitely recognize him from films such as Not Your Average Joe and If Kids Were Grown Ups.

One of the milestones in his career was when Jojo landed the role of the character Michael Dishon in A&E Network’s documentary show ‘Cold Case Files’. Jojo continued to land roles in his career with the films Street Ships and Please,Just Smile. His stardom has grown rapidly and he is well loved by his continuously growing fan base for his diverse set of talents.

Jojo is perhaps best known for his recurring role on HBO’s television series Euphoria. The series is centered around high school students trying to navigate through sex, love, identity and social media. When asked about his career, he says, “I have always loved acting from a young age and have always sensed that it was a career that I had to pursue. I am happy with where I am today and grateful for my fans.”

His achievements
Jojo’s accomplishments began at a young age and he continues to build his impressive resume. He performed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards opening the show with John Cena in 2017. Later that year he performed for the Teen’s Choice Awards alongside Lil Yachty and Kyle. Jojo’s experiences in singing, acting and dancing have been building blocks for the launch of his music career. In 2020 he has released his two singles which are quickly climbing the charts. His biggest achievement however is his recurring role on HBO’s Euphoria. He loves the concept of the show and the character that he plays.

When it comes to actors that he looks up to, he shares his insight, “I look up to Chris Pratt and Seth Rogan. I really admire them both, for they are great comedy actors but can also play serious roles. That is what I love about the art of performing; that you can absorb into the role, no matter what the genre can be.”

What’s next for Jojo?
Jojo has some upcoming projects that he is keeping under wraps, however, he has been busy promoting his two latest singles while continuing to pursue his passion for music. His style is similar to that of Post Malone, Kid Laroi, Polo G and Juice Wrld. The genre of his music is rap with an upbeat tempo.

Jojo Tua is also widely known on the app Tik Tok along with other celebrities, where he can regularly be seen showing off his smooth dance moves which has helped him to gain tremendous popularity. With the current pandemic, live performances in concerts and shows are nonexistant, making the social media apps an important virtual venue for growth.

“It is fun to be able to connect with my fans and do the things that I love. Social media is a great way to express art such as music and dance, which is what I do daily.”

As the pandemic continues, we look forward to seeing what Jojo has coming out in the future by watching online, and will be ready for more from him in his live shows as soon as they start back up.

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