4 Going on 15: Jennifer Michele’s Journey As a Young Actress and Influencer

Jennifer Michele’s decade-long journey she spent establishing her career as a multi-faceted performing artist and influencer is an interesting one to put it lightly. Now she shares the story of her journey to becoming a successful young actress and influencer.

Jennifer Michele’s career started at the age of 4

Jennifer Michele was born on February 5, 2006 and grew up in the Glendale Area of the Greater Los Angeles area. From the age of four, Jennifer Michele displayed a natural talent for the arts, this included dancing, theatre performances, music and the visual arts like directing and story-boarding. But most of all she loved to act. 

Now Jennifer Michele is a talented young actress, with many praiseworthy on-and-off-screen performances under her belt, but what most people don’t know is that she spent most of her life building her career in the film and TV industry to get where she is today.

Jennifer Michele’s decade-long journey to stardom

Jennifer Michele’s journey into the film and TV industry was not exactly a conventional one. While Jennifer Michele knew from the age of four that she wanted to be an actress, her journey did not start with acting. At a young age she started modelling, her modelling jobs then led to TV commercials, which in turn led to film and TV auditions. Jennifer Michele went on to nail those auditions, landing roles on various TV shows and feature films as well as several theatre roles in the Los Angeles area.  

In recent years, Jennifer Michele was casted in TV shows like Manny’s Garage Sale: A Hitchcock Knot and Matty Paz is a Noob, as well as Fox’s hit TV show 911. She can also be seen in the TV series Just my luck and was featured in the film The Dream Beyond Us, but her latest project is something truly special. Jennifer Michele is coming out as the lead in an Ace Entertainment and Lionsgate’s original film, Joey and Ella, playing the role of Ella. 

Jennifer Michele believes her acting journey just began and the characters she embodies along the way will help her better understand herself and others, uniting her and everyone she interacts with one project at a time.

Jennifer Michele – the young influencer 

Jennifer Michele does not only see herself as an actress, but also as an influencer on various social media platforms where she advocates for social change regarding issues she feels passionately about. Top of her list: feeding the hungry and needy, for which she volunteers at places like FOOD FORWARD, and bringing an end to human slavery which she regularly posts about on her Instagram timeline. 

Jennifer Michele’s social media following has grown exponentially in recent years, with a TikTok following of over 215K, over 42K Instagram followers, and fan pages on Famous Birthdays as well as IMDB. Jennifer Michele believes, as a social media influencer, she can successfully reach thousands of people and actively inspire change within them. Not only is she using her social media platforms to give her professional career as an actress the exposure it needs, but she is also trying to bring awareness to and advocate for social issues she cares about.

In her personal life, Jennifer Michele enjoys spending time in the outdoors and going on adventures like hiking or horseback riding. She enjoys travelling to Europe where she visits family in the Netherlands, and one day she hopes to visit South Africa and Maldives. In her quiet moments, she loves listening to music, watching her favorite TV shows and films, and finding inspiration from motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and Les Brown. 

What lies ahead for the young actress and influencer

Now a budding young actress and quite the social media influencer, Jennifer Michele is quickly making a name for herself, starting with her upcoming film, Joey and Ella, an original Ace Entertainment and Lionsgate’s film, where she steps into the lead role of Ella. Jennifer Michele is looking forward to the release of Joey and Ella this coming Summer and knows that this film is only the start of her journey as an actress. 

Photograph of Jennifer Michele by Russell Baer