Jack and Ferdi partners with Zenner to bring curated wellness content to travelers

Jack and Ferdi partners with Zenner to bring locally curated content to travelers through their AI-Powered Travel Assistant. New functionalities were launched this month in partnership with Jack and Ferdi to offer a more tailored experience to travelers about their next destination.


Jack and Ferdi is a global provider of wellness options and cultural activities. Jack and Ferdi’s social mission, as  a public benefit corporation, is to help traveling employees stay healthy. Their software-as-a-service solution supports employees’ wellbeing by maintaining healthy habits and encouraging personal growth. Jack and Ferdi mobile app is available on iPhone and Android, and their locally curated content is available to organizations via API.

Zenner is an AI-powered app that provides travelers with real-time travel advice and assistance,  a service that is vital during the pandemic. Their AI-powered travel assistance can detect flight disruption ahead of time and assist in rebooking. It can give advice about the arrival procedure for the country that they’re travelling to and keep  travelers informed on Covid-19 risks, health and entry requirements.

Using Jack and Ferdi’s content, Zenner is now empowering travelers to explore and thrive while they are at their destination with actionable recommendations to stay healthy and safe, curated local experiences, places to meditate/unwind and local manners.

This collaboration shows how tech travel companies have been innovating and collaborating during the pandemic to deliver relevant content to travelers and build more efficient and user-centric solutions. 

How it works

To have the free opportunity for anyone flying over the next month to get free flight tracking, trip intelligence, and 24/7 travel advice, you can access Zenner’s limited beta through a simple sign up process. This exclusive virtual travel assistant monitors your journey every step of the way and offers advice and recommendations relevant to the current circumstances. Travelers can get instant responses, which saves them time from waiting long hours to speak to companies on the phone or having to browse through social media to find the most up to date and relevant information.

Both companies have worked hand to hand to provide travelers with answers to questions that are related to their journey, destination and wellbeing and ensure a stress free trip.

If a traveler asks Zenny: “Where can I meditate in Los Angeles?”, “Where can I taste local specialties in Baltimore” or “Local Manners in Madrid”, they’ll be able to access locally curated answers from experts all over the world.

“Our goal is to empower travelers with actionable recommendations they can use during their pockets of free time. With Jack and Ferdi, travelers find unique self-care opportunities, ways to make cultural or culinary discoveries, or briefings on local manners. The partnership with Zenner is truly exciting for travelers, as they will be able to seamlessly access these recommendations in the airport or at destination, at the very moment they ask for them. We look forward to working with Zenner to help travelers stay healthy and curious on the road.” Romain Aubanel, CEO of Jack and Ferdi

“We are always looking for ways to create a productive, safe and stress-free travel experience. It starts with better handling of flight disruptions, live assistance in making tight connections, and real-time airport tips so you know what to expect. The J+F content adds an important layer of traveler well-being – providing users curated tips and experiences that make their journey healthy and zen” Elad Schaffer, CEO of Zenner.