Its21Master Shoots for the Stars in Asian Hip Hop

Born and raised in Singapore on July 17, 2004, Its21Master, or just ‘21’, has created a lot in his 17 years, and always focused on one goal – rapping. Recently releasing another single track, titled ‘SUPERSTAR’, this young rapper is causing ripples in the Asian Hip Hop scene, showing other young artists and musicians they can do the same, they just need to keep on believing in what they want and shoot for the stars. 

‘SUPERSTAR’ was released on February 11, it relays Its21Master’s journey through the world of rap and making it as an artist, or in 21’s case, making it as a superstar because he wouldn’t want it any other way. The lyrics are infused with a never-tiring attitude to achieve success, and Its21Master is unapologetic and confident about it, and, ‘always smiling’ in what he is creating. 

‘Live my life like a Superstar, driving supercars’

Its21Master relishes his achievements as an artist, having started from humble beginnings, he doesn’t take it for granted. Coming from a Chinese background, he’s had to choose between what is expected of him, namely his education, and making time to develop his passion for music – he’s chosen the best of both worlds. 

When he was 10 years old he started playing the Ukulele and his love of music grew from there. He shares that he’s always loved listening to classical rap albums and songs from Hip Hop artists like Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick, and NF, and how they inspired him, saying, ‘they pushed me to write my own raps to beats, and then proceeding to record with my own microphone at home’. 


He started writing his own lyrics over rap beats at the age of 14 and started using the artist persona ‘Its21Master’ after recording his own songs and making them available on platforms like YouTube, where he has over 2.8K subscribers. But, for Its21Master it means more than just supercars, for him, music has always been a refuge and something he turns to, he says, ‘It was never about the money that you get from streams or whatever. If I only cared about the money, I wouldn’t have continued this rap persona “Its21Master” for more than 2 years. I don’t even earn that much. It’s just something that I love doing and something that gets my mind off things, especially when life gets hard during tough times’.

‘I’m shooting for the stars, even if the path is dangerous’

As his new song lyrics go, ‘All these fake rappers be rapping, but they are aimless’, but Its21Master has always been aiming for more and is taking a spot of stardom with other local Hip Hop artists and rappers like THELIONCITYBOY and Shigga Shay. Although this all started as a hobby and still is for the young rapper, he has made great strides in the Hip Hop industry since the release of his debut single in 2018, titled ‘Thrown in Your Face’. 

Its21Master can also be found on social media platforms like Instagram, where he has over 1,5K followers, and making himself known as ‘That Asian Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of’. He is also available on Spotify where he has over 5,5K monthly listeners, with some of his other tracks having over 55K streams thus far. Other platforms to stream or download his music include Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, as well as YouTube. 

Although Its21Master received a lot of attention from his fans and critics, and entered the Hip Hop industry from a young age, releasing various tracks with positive feedback, locally and internationally, he still maintains his balance between being just a regular teenager, receiving a proper college education, and living life as a superstar rapper. He says, ‘I will probably be working on more songs soon this year, though I still have college and I still need time to settle into that. Well, rapping is just a hobby of mine, I suppose’. Watch him as he continues to rap while rocking the world of Hip Hop – ‘Just me, low-key humble fire’.