Israeli News Sites Jpost, Times Of Israel and DebkaFile Remain Impartial Following Russian RT Censorship

Americans and Europeans are increasingly turning to Israeli news outlets Jpost, Times of Israel and DebkaFile for impartial coverage of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Indian news channels have sought to provide unbiased coverage, however it is clear that Israel’s population, having strong links to both Russia, Ukraine and the West, along with non-governmental Israeli intelligence have access to better sources of information.

Leaders showing their true colors: 

Naftali Bennett will be meeting Putin in a matter of hours. Clearly Israel is stepping up it’s role in a potential new world order, filling the gap left by an impotent Boris Johnson and Joe Biden. It is said that after Bennett meets Putin, he will also fly to Berlin to meet the German chancellor. Another interesting development is that Mike Pence, once again stabbed Donald Trump in the back by saying “The GOP has no space for Putin apologists”, ignoring the fact that Joe Biden is largely accused of provoking Russia through his dismissive stance.

Actors, activists and influencers have come out swinging at our good old western media outlets who are repeating the rhetoric that Ukrainians have a fighting chance against Putin’s army, especially without NATO support to enforce a so-called “no-fly” zone. Simply put, it is near impossible for any combination of nations to enforce this against Russia unless it accepts a general world war that will no doubt turn nuclear.

Putin’s brutal pre-emptive doctrine unfolding:

Given that the Russians are practically inferior to NATO – at least without official support from allies like China, India and Pakistan, Putin seems to be making it clear that a “mad man” pre-emptive doctrine is operative. If Putin calculates that a war may happen, or feels threatened – he will move first, at any cost, regardless of the cost to civilian life. This is particularly clear if we consider that he gave the Ukrainians one chance to lay down their weapons.

Is The EU and U.S. giving false hope?

The very notion that weapons and money will be sent to Ukraine without manpower is practically turning the citizens of an ally into cannon fodder. Added to that Zelensky’s order that men under the age of 18 cannot leave the country – does not exactly make the Ukraine war a “democratic” choice. The Russians gave Ukraine the opportunity to lay down their weapons – they did not. Giving them false hope will only increase the bloodshed.


It does not seem as if Putin will halt until his objectives are met. For him, whether it is achieved in 10 days, 30 days or 60 days, makes no real difference because sanctions against Russia will not go away soon either. Therefore, if the West has the aim to reduce the size of the Russian armed forces at any cost, then the current strategy of using Ukrainian citizens as cannon fodder may help achieve that – because sending them more weapons and money to fight an enemy that is impossible to conquer alone, will lead to that. But if we seek to prevent the loss of life in Ukraine, then humanitarian aid in neighboring countries are, along with laying down their weapons, may be the only immediate help.

It is estimated that Mariupol and Odessa will fall first and that Kiev and Lviv may be the last to fall. In either case, without NATO intervention and a European-wide war, they will fall.

What has been achieved so far from NATO’s quest to move into Ukraine?
  1. The U.S. will likely start exporting gas to Europe, making Europeans reliant on America;
  2. European citizens will be taxed even higher for their safety: British and American weapon manufacturers look forward to seeing the bulk of the EU pay up to 7% of GDP on military spending soon.
  3. Countries like Cyprus and Greece will need to re-evaluate their equality rules for military conscription, as currently their military intake breach EU equality laws. Why is it that the EU promotes equal rights in all walks of life, but turn a blind eye to Greece and Cyprus who force only men to go attend the military in 2022? Now may be a time for these inequalities to be evaluated.
  4. Russia and China (as well as potentially India, Iran Pakistan and The United Arab Emirates) have become closer allies.
  5. Western citizens who are super critical of governments who manhandled citizens during the pandemic no longer trust the news we are provided: People now want to fact check information themselves and are particularly sensitive about censorship. This makes any “information war” impossible to win.

Loss of life is always unacceptable:

All loss of life is terrible – and in Ukraine, it is particularly heart breaking. Yet ultimately, for “war crimes” to be considered fairly, the loss of life in Ukraine will need to be measured against that of people who lost their lives in Syria, Palestine, Libya, Kosovo, Serbia and elsewhere. That may be why Israeli’s are keen to remain neutral: they fully understand the concept of pre-emptive war. But in the West, our leaders and civilians have a short memory. The ICC has to admit that if Putin goes down as a war criminal, then exempting Sarkozy, Blair, Bush, Netanyahu, David Cameron, Obama and numerous other leaders will be double standards.

Influencer Russell Brand Making His Point On Russia / Ukraine / NATO:

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