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Is Yeezy fever taking over to set a new trend again?

Nike had never ventured into the territory of making a sneaker that was not for athletes and did so with the Nike Air Yeezy Zen Gray. With only 3000 pairs released in 2009, these minimal design sneakers with subtle tones of gray were difficult to find, even then as today collectors pay high prices for them. Today, Adidas and Kanye West seems even more determined to make a comeback as we can see in the news.But competition is fierce and many players (shoe wholesalers and retailers) are aiming to serve this market:

The man behind the change was the legendary shoe designer and rapper that some love to hate and others admire, Kanye West and you can find some of his most iconic styles worldwide. You can also see what other options exist, for example these Cheap Yeezys here.

The release of the Yeezy 350 and 750 Boost Cleats in September 2016 was exciting for West because it was actually the first performance footwear to be designed by him. The football boots sold out in a day and within the first week, they were put straight to the test by Von Miller, the Denver linebacker, Adrian Peterson, the running back of the Minnesota Vikings and by Sammy Watkins, wide receiver of the Buffalo Bulls.

In an unfortunate incident for De Andre Hopkins, when he wore the new football boot a bit later that year in a game against the Chicago Bears, he was fined $6,000 by the NFL because of his disregard for NFL police. The NFL policy clearly states that all players on one team must wear approved shoe styles that contain one color of the team and the whole team must wear the same footwear during a game. Cheap Yeezys come in a full range of all the favorite Yeezy styles that these players love to wear off the field too.

West’s next foray was into basketball sneakers and he had his first design ready for the 2018-2019 NBA seasons. Unfortunately, the league found that the “3M” reflective panel has the potential to cause distractions, both to the spectators in the arena as well as to those watching the game on television.

In its most recent move, the NBA decided to lift the longstanding requirement stating that players have to wear shoes that match the colors of the team’s uniform. Players will now be able to wear monochromatic shoes and that is great news for Yeezy and their designer since the shoes are obviously loved by basketball players as much as the public does.

If West decides to continue with the design for the basketball Yeezy, he will have to make the necessary modifications and submit the prototypes to the NBA early.

However, basketball players don’t always stick to the strict confines of wearing traditional sneakers and Nick Young, the Los Angeles Lakers guard, wore the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 in late 2015 after signing a contract to wear Adidas shoes.

P.J. Tucker, the Toronto Raptors forward, has never hidden his passion for foot-wear trends and is famous for his collection. His best stunt was wearing the Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” designed by West and made by Nike, a shoe that has a resale value that continues to climb and has even been worn by Le Bron himself during a practice session the year before. Find your favorite Cheap Yeezy sworn by your beloved basketball stars and wear them in any way toy prefer.



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