Is Search Engine Journal Colluding With Fiverr (FVRR) To Control The Market For SEO Services?

On 7th July 2022 Jessica Cromwell from Search Engine Journal informed a medium sized publisher that they cannot take up banner advertising space on the website “”. This is notwithstanding the fact that the current takeover banner ads at the time, seems to promote the SEO category of – which is arguably the place in the world which has the biggest concentration of incompetent scammers from all over the world who run harmful, cheap SEO services.

The services she declined to promote were rather white-hat compared to the outright link spam services pushed on Fiverr, as per the evidence we will present below.

SEJournal Pushing Fiverr SEO Services

Search Engine Journal readers forced to watch Fiverr ads.

It may be that Jessica Cromwell, Jenise Uheara and Loren Baker – (the team members of Search Engine Journal who were contacted about the matter) are unaware of the blatant black hat DA / DR manipulation services that are being sold by hundreds of operatives in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which are promoted openly in the SEO category that is vehemently promoted by Search Engine Journal.

However, if they are aware of this – and are trying to keep the door shut for companies who provide more ethical services than Fiverr contractors, the question has to be asked as to whether two big entities are colluding to create an unfair market advantage to block out smaller entities from the lucrative SEO segment.

Black Hat DA Manipulation Services Promoted On Fiverr:

What seems more alarming, is that not only are ads forced onto readers through a complete takeover and popups – but the link seeks akin to that of an affiliate relationship. If “FiverrCPA” relates to cost per acquisition in the following URL, then it may be true that Search Engine Journal is an affiliate, actively promoting some of the most harmful SEO practices in the world.

Search Engine Journal calls these operators “VETTED EXPERTS”:

Promoting Every Harmful Service Google Warned Against:

It would appear that the “vetted experts” Search Engine Journal refer to in the promotion it forces upon the readers – sell just about every other service that could harm your SEO and get websites to attract penalties from Google. These services include “SENuke automated link building”, “60 000 Bulk Backlinks”, outright metric manipulation and numerous harmful SEO tactics in bulk.

Vehement endorsement of harmful SEO practices:

This vehement promotion – and the possible earning of affiliate commission on through the promotion of obviously harmful practices is at odds with the type of news articles posted on Search Engine Journal. It also devalues the hard work of hundreds of contributors and professionals who used the platform to share best practices.

300+ Forum Link Spam Services Promoted on Fiverr SEO Services:

Operators engaging in outright link spam at scale posted more than 300 approved ads on Fiverr. Is this another example of the “vetted professionals” endorsed by Search Engine Journal?

Final Take:

This will no doubt be a worthy discussion to have with experts like John Mueller, Barry Swartz and Danny Sullivan, the search liason for Google whose purpose is to “…help the public better understand Google search & Google better hear public feedback and improve..” At the time of writing the article, we were still awaiting feedback from Jessica Cromwell, Jenise Uheara and Loren Baker.

We hope that rather than it being a case of collusion and protectionism in the market place, that they were entirely unaware of the type of highly questionable, harmful services they help promote by pushing Fiverr onto readers indiscriminately with complete CPA takeover banners.