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Is Famoid a game-changer in social media marketing?

Social media marketing evolved way beyond untargeted mass-marketing: Today, brand tribes exist on numerous platforms, serving as one of the most targeted methods to poach competitor clients. is one of the most interesting tools used by digital marketing specialists. So why could this be a game-changer?


Platforms like are well-known for growing key social media metrics for almost any business: This includes increasing the number of likes, views and subscribers across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Many people have used Famoid to become famous overnight: when judged by social media metrics. Yet as with any phenomenon, there are interesting details “behind the scenes” to be considered.


The reasons brands boost their social media metrics are plentiful. The ways in which it is done, can vary significantly.


To enable viral marketing, brand awareness and conversion rates:

When building an engaged tribe of genuine followers, businesses can expect to see an improvement in vital metrics. The chances of viral marketing increases due to the relevance and legitimacy of a growing number of followers. Conversion rates increase both due to the fact that followers are relevant – and off course the fact that perceived brand strength and “social proof” are proven factors.



To deceive the competition:

When building a perceived brand tribe with “not so genuine” followers, clever strategists can easily deceive competitors who target their followers. It is well-known that Facebook and Linkedin effectively sell your customer list to competitors in the way that targeted advertising is allowed. Not only will such a tactic deceive the competition, it will also make them spend their budget on activities that will likely yield a very low ROI.


Improving trust and social proof:

Irrespective of the method used to build a large social tribe, the appearance of both the most genuine and less authentic followers are often indistinguishable, except for engagement levels off course. As many consumers base decisions on what is popular, trust and social proof are clearly elements associated with higher follower numbers and other social metrics that seems sky-high.



Why and similar platforms are game changers:

Growing a social following via official channels can be expensive. For example, if BMW would like to promote it’s page to Mercedes followers via the Facebook ad interface, it may cost as much as 150X more than achieving a similar outcome with Famoid. Now that there are unofficial channels available, the playing field has been levelled for rapid audience building. Social marketers who ask “how can I get more followers quickly?” – they no longer have to read a best-selling Amazon book on trying to reverse-engineer a lengthy process: they can simply tap the right platform to do this overnight.


The role of AI-powered tools in social media should not be underestimated. It is only in SEO that Google is able to somehow detect and penalize automated actions. In social: it is clear that AI is now helping us drive better results. All your goals can be achieved by deploying the right tools.


A business may want to boost sales, deceive the competition or genuinely build trust and social proof, whichever way, increasing social metrics is a key ingredient. Platforms that can help businesses grow a legitimate social following, will become like money in the bank. Platforms that can help businesses grow even a questionable social following, also have a unique position in the world: they clearly serve a purpose. Distinguishing between good innovation and fads is a question that keeps CTO’s awake at night – this is no doubt the case where key social media decisions are being made.




Adriaan Brits

As an analyst of global affairs, Adriaan has an MSC from Oxford, with diverse interests in the digital economy, entertainment and business. He covers mostly topics related to his qualifications. He is a specialist trainer in Advanced Analytics & Media. He also writes for, BestTechie, CEOWorld Magazine and other media outlets.
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