Introducing Show Homes Central: Your Ultimate Destination for Stylish Home Decor and Furniture


May 15, 2024 – Show Homes Central is proud to announce its grand opening as a premier online destination for home decor, kids furniture, kitchen, dining room essentials, and patio, lawn, and garden accessories. Founded by Larry Broy, Show Homes Central aims to redefine the shopping experience for homeowners, interior designers, and decorators alike.

With a passion for curating quality products that elevate living spaces, Larry Broy envisioned Show Homes Central as a one-stop-shop for discerning customers seeking stylish and functional home furnishings. Drawing upon years of experience in the home decor industry, Broy has meticulously handpicked each item in the store’s extensive catalog to reflect the latest trends in interior design while prioritizing quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

“At Show Homes Central, we believe that every home has the potential to be a showcase of style and comfort,” said Larry Broy, founder of Show Homes Central. “Our mission is to empower customers to transform their living spaces into personalized sanctuaries that reflect their unique tastes and lifestyles.”


Explore Our Product Categories:

  1. Home Decor:

From chic wall art and elegant sculptures to cozy throws and decorative accents, Show Homes Central offers an eclectic range of home decor items to suit every aesthetic. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, rustic charm, or eclectic bohemian vibes, our curated collection has something for everyone.


  1. Kids Furniture:

Create a whimsical and functional space for your little ones with our collection of kids furniture. From playful bunk beds and colorful storage solutions to sturdy desks and cozy reading nooks, Show Homes Central has everything you need to design a room that sparks imagination and fosters creativity.


  1. Kitchen & Dining Room:

Elevate your culinary experience with our selection of kitchen and dining room essentials. From stylish dinnerware and elegant flatware to durable cookware and innovative gadgets, Show Homes Central offers everything you need to entertain in style and make mealtime memorable.


  1. Patio, Lawn & Garden:

Transform your outdoor oasis into a paradise of relaxation and entertainment with our patio, lawn, and garden accessories. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue, lounging by the pool, or cultivating a bountiful garden, Show Homes Central has the perfect furnishings and decor to enhance your outdoor living space.


Why Choose Show Homes Central:

– Quality Assurance: Each product in our catalog is carefully vetted for quality and craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting durability and satisfaction.


– Affordability: We believe that great design should be accessible to all, which is why we offer competitive prices without compromising on style or quality.


– Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team of home decor enthusiasts is committed to providing personalized assistance and expert advice to help you find the perfect pieces for your home.


– Convenient Online Shopping: With our user-friendly website and secure checkout process, shopping for home decor and furniture has never been easier or more convenient.


– Fast and Reliable Shipping: We offer fast and reliable shipping options to ensure that your purchases arrive promptly and in pristine condition, ready to adorn your home.


About Larry Broy:

Larry Broy is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for interior design and home decor. Broy has established himself as a trusted authority in the world of home furnishings. His keen eye for design and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the vision and success of Show Homes Central.


Join Us at Show Homes Central:

Discover the endless possibilities for transforming your home into a stylish sanctuary at Show Homes Central. Whether you’re revamping your living room, designing a nursery for your bundle of joy, or sprucing up your outdoor space for summer gatherings, we have everything you need to bring your vision to life.


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About Show Homes Central:

Show Homes Central is a premier online destination for home decor, kids furniture, kitchen and dining room essentials, and patio, lawn, and garden accessories. Founded by Larry Broy, Show Homes Central offers a curated selection of stylish and functional products to help customers create personalized living spaces that reflect their unique tastes and lifestyles. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service, Show Homes Central is redefining the shopping experience for homeowners, interior designers, and decorators alike.