Interview with Brandan Davies after being named as “Best DUI lawyer in Kansas City.”

Many people make a bad call.  Too often people hop in the car after a night of drinking and end up arrested and charged with a DUI.  But then what?  Fear of going to jail, losing their job or having a criminal record sets in and now you are looking for help.  It’s a very common life lesson that people unfortunately have to learn.  “Just because you are charged with a DUI doesn’t mean all hope is lost.” says DUI defense lawyer Brandan Davies.  “If you seek out competent representation there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Davies says.

From the moment you get pulled over on the side of the road you’re having to make difficult decisions that have real world life-altering consequences.  Do you answer questions? Do you subject yourself to field-sobriety tests? Do you take a breath test or do you refuse? If you say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing how will it impact your case?  All of these questions and no answers can put you in an impossible situation.  Davies added, “Unfortunately when you’re in the moment, most don’t know what to do or how to react; getting pulled over isn’t something most people ever think about or plan for.”

When you are charged with a DUI you have so many different issues in play; your criminal record, your driver’s license, your good name and your freedom can all be on the line.  It’s important that you start protecting yourself from the outset.  This is where lawyers like Brandan Davies step in.  “Refuse testing and make no admissions,” proclaimed Davies. “You have to realize that the police are doing a criminal investigation, you aren’t going to talk your way out of this,” said Davies. Davies added, “It’s always best to remember, law enforcement isn’t your friend in these situations.”

After the commotion of an arrest and bonding out of jail, it’s important to seek out an experienced DUI lawyer quickly.  DUI is a very technical area of the law with very strict timelines, a single misstep can result in a negative impact on your case.  “In Kansas, you only have 14 days from your arrest to seek a remedy to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license, it’s vital you don’t wait to seek out counsel,” said Davies.  Time is of the essence as well because you want to recall your version of events to your lawyer while it is fresh in your mind. “Memories fade especially when alcohol or drugs are involved, it’s important to convey as much detail as possible to your lawyer,” said Davies.

Brandan Davies has recently added to his list of awards when he was named as the, “Best DUI Lawyer in Kansas City,” by Kansas City Magazine.  “It’s an honor to be recognized when you devote so much of your practice and life to a certain area of the law,” Davies claimed.  “Helping people that find themselves in an unknown and difficult situation is a challenging and rewarding part of my practice,” exclaimed Davies.

Its not the first time Brandan Davies has been recognized for his criminal defense practice. Mr. Davies has been named as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, a Superlawyer and is a Life-Member in the Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.


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