Instagram Creator Subscriptions Goes Live: Competing Directly with OnlyFans.

Instagram is not going to let OnlyFans scoop up all the influencer revenue that is tied up in subscriptions: It has now launched a competing service to OnlyFans, which is currently being tested in the US. This is a major play for Facebook to cash in on the lucrative influencer market and the relationship influencers established directly with their followers. 

Who is part of the creator subscriptions test?

Currently, the list of alpha creators includes actor and influencer @alanchikinchow; basketball player @sedona._; astrologer @alizakelly; dancer/actress/model @kelseylynncook; digital creator @elliottnorris; Olympic silver medalist @jordanchiles; gymnast and creator @jackjerry; spiritual coach and artist @bunnymichael; XR creator @donalleniii; and digital creator @lonnieiiv.

Renewed rush for Instagram verification:

The Blue Tick is super important to increase follower levels. Influencers are scrambling to get verified as this is literally considered one of the biggest money making opportunities in social media. Sitetrail, the PR agency that helps influencers to get notability in support of notification, released a statement on this. It warned the public that scammers are actively out there making false promises of “guaranteed verification or your money back“.

Warning against “Guaranteed Verification” Schemes:

Testing paid subscriptions:

It would seem that Facebook is entering the market cautiously by testing this on a smaller portion of influencers. This is perhaps something that all of Silicon Valley is guilty of: big tech is testing on a small scale, while letting smaller players like OnlyFans run off with the bulk of the earnings.

If this is successful – share prices will be affected as Facebook / Meta will be cashing in on the global influencer market like never before. Amazon, Google and Linkedin (and perhaps GETTR) are also well positioned to cash in on this opportunity.