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Insomniac passing out on a bus? It must be CBD. FDA tipped CBD as treatment for insomnia

Is CBD the ultimate cure for insomnia? Some think it is, if you take the right strength

When the FDA mentioned insomnia as one of the conditions that are effectively treated by CBD cannabidiol, it made a valid point that is supported by more research than before. Many Doctors now recommend the use of CBD for insomnia, noting that there are varying strengths.

The biggest challenge for those with insomnia, is finding medication without side-effects, as we will discuss below. It would seem that CBD, which is currently going mainstream, may provide a viable alternative.

Which CBD products do people use for sleep?

CBD Tinctures come in varying strengths. Recently, Healthline tipped Terravidaonline to be the company that produces the most potent CBD – this was in a discussion that dealt with sleep disorders and CBD. Clearly this was a strong industry endorsement and requires a closer look.

Whereas product strengths can be as low as 250, 500 and 1000MG, there is also a 5000MG CBD tincture that is said to be rather potent when administered. The CBD night spray from Terravida is another option, although the 5000MG tincture has been tipped as the best option so far. That said, the CBD product range is expanding fast around the US, with major retailers selling it over the counter – and online stores shipping the product nationwide.

Scaling up the use of CBD gradually:

For many who suffer from chronic pain, who move away from opioids, it might be quite normal that Doctors suggest a rather strong dose of CBD, in the range of 2500 to 5000MG. Yet there are cases where people will start with the 500MG CBD and scale it up gradually. Potency is not the only factor though when selecting full-spectrum CBD. It is also a matter of ensuring the best quality product from a reputable CBD company as discussed here.

Alternatives to CBD are not too promising:

Alternatives that are well known include hypnotic medications, however due to their severe side-effects, mainstream CBD products are rapidly replacing it. CBD does not cause memory lapses, addiction, hallucination or suicidal thoughts – as is the case with many of these medicines. It is also alarming that according to sources, patients treated with pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications, almost 50 percent are not satisfied with the time it takes them to fall asleep.

More research is underway – and that is a good thing:

It is expected that in the near future, research on CBD will take off fast. Insomnia sufferers are not the only ones to benefit from this: a range of nervous system problems, epilepsy, pain and even mental disorders are in line for more research.

CBD companies in the US:


IHP (Industrial Hemp Partners)

CV Sciences


Gaia Botanicals

Isodiol International

Medical Marijuana

Aurora Cannabis (AC)

CBD American Shaman

Canopy Growth Corporation




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